Researchers Warn Some Beverages Could Trigger Excessive Release of Gas

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( — December 25, 2019) Orlando, FL — Dietary habits are known to influence the body especially when it comes to releasing gas. It is worth mentioning that various research studies have warned against intake of certain foods and beverages for those who do not want to be placed in an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation.

There are actually many fascinating facts about intestinal gas release and one is that it can take nine of it from every person in the world to produce a hydrogen bomb.

It has long been known that certain foods do trigger the release of excessive and smelly gas. It is important to realize that there are also beverages found to be culprits of flatulence, and one is a carbonated drink called soda.

It is important to realize that consuming soda also increases the risk of belching as it offers relief from the gas pressure building up in their stomach. Beer is another drink to watch out for as it contains fermented carbohydrates and undergoes carbonation process, both of which result in excess gas and bloating in the gut.

It is important to realize that carbonated drinks like sodas and beers can add significantly to the amount of air you swallow.

Consumption of gas-producing foods and beverages may be unavoidable. Individuals who can’t refrain from eating these foods but still want to reduce their odds of releasing excess gas may take into account the use of natural remedies like activated charcoal.

This activated carbon is widely researched due to the beneficial effects offered by its highly adsorbent surface. It traps toxins and gases inside the body and eliminate them via bowel movement making stool black or dark.

The use of activated charcoal may be helpful for individuals who are going to public event and meetings. Formulas like Divine Bounty Activated Charcoal may be a beneficial source of this gas-fighting ingredient.

Divine Bounty Organic Activated Charcoal is equipped with the highest quality ingredient, specifically its pure, organic, steam activated, ultra-fine coconut shell charcoal.

There are many consumers who turn to its use as it is effective in delivering the therapeutic goodness of this natural remedy. In addition to offering gas relief, it could also be useful for body detox, bloating, and teeth whitening.

This extra strength formula contains an incredible 600mg of edible coconut charcoal powder in just one capsule. These capsules are GMO free, soy free, gluten free and have no preservatives, stearates, silicone dioxide or artificial ingredients. It is also a pure, vegan friendly formula (

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