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( — December 19, 2019) — Las Vegas, NV — The leading digital marketing company in Las Vegas NV has launched a video marketing service for local businesses helping them improve their online reputation and increase sales.

The leading marketing agency in Las Vegas NV, 5 Star Reputation, has launched a dedicated professional video marketing department. The department has been launched to help small businesses in the Las Vegas area. Their dedicated video production facility is producing high-quality videos designed to drive traffic to client’s websites and improve visibility, manage reputations and increase overall profits.

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This video production and distribution department is helping small and local businesses. The launch of the video marketing department is producing videos for their clients that increase sales. They explore with each client what strategy should be implemented to produce a video marketing campaign that will be effective.

A survey of Las Vegas businesses found that 91% stated that they had used some sort of video marketing to promote their business. Video had been used in various ways such as explainers, video blogs, webinars, tutorials, presentations, ads, interviews, live streams, customer testimonials, and product videos.

5-Star’s Video Marketing department is focused on enhancing local businesses with high-quality videos. The videos are designed to expose potential buyers to companies in the Las Vegas NV market.

The digital marketing company is passionate about helping small businesses take advantage of the power of video marketing. A distinctive of the 5 Star is their careful attention to the specific needs of each client. They take the time to understand what a business wants to accomplish and make a strategic plan with the owner of the local business to win with video marketing.

They are acutely aware of the cash flow of local businesses and prepare each campaign with careful attention to their client’s budget. They can increase or decrease the speed, volume and release of the videos that are prepared to accommodate even the smallest business.

They are currently accepting new clients during this launch. The company is dedicated to helping small and local businesses in Las Vegas NV. They invite all interested parties to contact them for a free evaluation to explore what video marketing can do for their business.

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