Sydney Startup LawnStreet Launches First-of-its-Kind Internet Platform

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( — December 21, 2019) — Sydney, NSW — Lawnstreet are a new tech start-up company looking to change the lawn care industry by providing a platform where people can book lawn services online.

Sydney, AU – With plans to revolutionise the Sydney lawn mowing market, Lawnstreet have announced that they have launched an online booking platform for their gardening services. The move comes at a time of anticipated growth in the gardening and landscaping sectors.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics projects that the number of households in Australia will increase by 3.6 million by 2031. With this increase, the demand for domestic care and cleaning services is likely to grow. Given these numbers, Lawnstreet are looking to capitalise on a thriving market for lawn mowing in Sydney. The new booking platform taps into online and mobile trends and pushes the industry forward in so doing.

The advent of the smartphone has impacted sectors such as retail, transport, and catering in the last decade, and gardening will soon be no different. As this trend expands in Australia, Lawnstreet are looking to bring all the benefits of online purchasing to the Sydney gardening services market.

Their innovative platform is the first-of-its-kind for the gardening industry. The platform is designed to improve the accessibility of lawn mowing services in Sydney. It offers users the opportunity to book quality gardening services online or even while on the move via smartphone.

Besides lawn mowing services, Lawnstreet offer Sydney households a range of gardening services, including hedge trimming and weed treatment. With their new venture, they promise up-front quotes free of hidden costs or upsells, as well as a quick and easy online booking system, taking around 60 seconds to place an order. The platform processes all payments through a secure system. The innovative platform is part of their endeavour to reduce the difficulty for households looking to find the right gardening services in Sydney and to improve peace of mind for busy customers.

Lawnstreet are aiming to raise their status in the Sydney lawn mowing market with this development. They hope to outstrip competition by providing an easy-access system where customers can order whatever gardening services they require. They invite interested parties to get in touch today to find out more and obtain a quote.