Taking Care of Your Contact Lenses When You Travel

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(Newswire.net — December 23, 2019) — The human eyes are spectacular. They absorb and reflect light, all as if it’s nothing. But for some people, the optical senses are not as efficient as they are for others. Contact lenses solve this very issue. 

However, getting the right pair of contact lenses tailored for you is not an easy task. Fortunately, you can visit sites like The Third Eye to get premium quality contact lenses and make the process hassle-free.

But if you already own a pair of contacts, here’s how to take care of them, especially when you’re traveling.

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Before Traveling

Make sure you have the right lens solution for your contact lens. Also, be sure to pack more than adequate amounts of the solution. You never know when you might run out, and whether or not the place you’re traveling to may or may not have your prescribed lens solution. You can never be too cautious.

If you’re planning on staying away for a longer period, make sure you get your eyes checked before leaving. Again, you need to make sure your eyes have the proper prescription. We do not want to mess with a healthy eye by putting in the wrong numbered contacts.

You may also need a pair of glasses in case you ever lose sight of your contact lenses ( kindly excuse the pun) Having a pair or two of latest prescribed glasses can serve as your cushion to fall back on if you lose your contacts and need to replace them in a foreign country. 

In the rare events of you losing both your contacts AND your glasses, you may need to visit the nearest ophthalmologist. It never hurts to bring along a copy of your prescription, so that the whole prescribing process is simple and time-efficient. 

Also, the prescription numbers are recognized globally, and people can hook you up with the right pair of contacts or glasses easily if they have your prescription.

In the event that you’re camping, you will most likely be situated in an area where there may not be access to clean and hygienic conditions all the time. Consider getting a pair of disposable lenses that you can throw away every night, without having to clean them. 

You can get these and more online, from websites like The Third Eye – we really recommend the animal series they have on sale right now if you’re camping in the wild!

Always carry an extra pair of lens case with you when traveling. This case will specifically come in handy in case you’re continuously moving through the day. One pair can remain at your place of stay. Lens cases are easy to get your hands on, and only cost a few bucks, to begin with.

While Traveling

Use water to wash your hand thoroughly before removing your contacts. The hands are the most active parts throughout the day, especially if you have been moving a lot while traveling. Make sure you do not touch your contacts directly without washing your hand thoroughly first. Using bottled water is recommended.

Make it a habit to clean your contacts each and every single day, without fail. When you’re traveling, you’re exposed to a whole lot of dust, and other infinitesimally small matter. These matters and particles get stuck to your contacts and may cause reddening and eye irritation. We’ll discuss more of this in a moment.

While we’re on the subject of washing your hands and cleaning your contact lenses, it is also mandatory that you do not touch your contact lenses with wet hands. The water should not touch your contacts at any cost, in fact, no other solution other than the prescribed cleaning solution should be allowed even near your vision supports.

It also goes without saying, but never wear your contact lenses while swimming either. The chlorinated water is the least of your worries. Swimming waters contain various bacteria and fungi and can cause a lot of unwanted eye problems when wearing contacts.

Unless you’re climbing rocky mountains or going paragliding, it makes sense to carry your glasses, lenses, and your lens cleaning solution with you, always.

Now that we’ve covered care, let’s move on to emergency situations and safety, in case your eyes are experiencing problems while traveling.


In case of some unfortunate circumstance where you’re experiencing problems with your eyes, like the blurriness of the lens, reddishness of the eyes, or sensitivity to light, follow these procedures immediately:

Remove your contact lenses immediately and put them in your lens case. Don’t throw them away yet. Get them to your eye doctor, and know what caused the problem. This will help prevent it in the future.

Wash your eyes gently in case the irritation still persists after removing the lens. Wear your extra pair of glasses (not contacts) until the doctors are able to identify the problem.

In the event that you are not anywhere near the nearest doctor, make sure you make an appointment with the doctor at the earliest, and go there even if it means riding on camelback. Your eyes are really precious, and no journey is worth bearing the infection. Cancel your trip if you have to.

Those were some precautionary and safety measures you could take to prevent and keep damage from your contact lens to a minimum. 

Make sure to get a replacement contact lens if your current contact lenses are an issue. You can do this without any trouble, now that online portals are available at a moment’s notice.

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