Tulsa Oklahoma Funeral Insurance Seniors Burial Final Expenses Service Launched

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(Newswire.net — December 24, 2019) — Tulsa, OK — Affordable final expenses life insurance for seniors in the Oklahoma and Tulsa metro areas was launched by Burial Insurance For Seniors. This insurance service is suitable for older people that have previously been deemed ‘uninsurable’.

Burial Insurance For Seniors launched affordable life insurance for seniors with no requirement for a medical exam. With the often high cost of burials and funerals, older people in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas can take advantage of this insurance service, with a simple quote form available on their website.

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With the launch of burial insurance, and along with senior life insurance being offered, Burial Insurance For Seniors point to several benefits. Seniors who take out an insurance policy will deal with a local company in Oklahoma, not a large national company from the west or east coasts of the USA.

Quotes can be obtained and a policy commenced in just minutes, by using the online quoting service, or by calling the company on the phone. With knowledgeable professional staff who listen to applicants and provide the options that best suits their needs, starting a burial insurance policy is a quick and convenient process, with no need for medical examinations and reports.

The unexpected expenses of a funeral and other costs related to burials can lead to financial distress for family members remaining after the death of their loved-one. Keith Ward from Burial Insurance For Seniors explained that many older people have been declined life insurance due to being deemed as a substantial risk, and they are informed that they are ‘uninsurable’.

With the launch of this burial insurance service seniors typically have a policy with ‘face amounts’ of between five and twenty-five thousand dollars, which is paid in the event of accidental death. If death is from natural causes within the first 24 months of the policy, then the death benefit is limited to the total of premiums plus interest. However, if death is from natural causes after the first 24 months of the policy, then the full death benefit will become available.

Burial Insurance For Seniors provide an example of how a final expenses insurance policy of this type works. With a policy limit of $15,000, the burial and funeral expenses may total $10,000. In this case the remaining $5,000 can be used to cover other expenses such as legal costs and outstanding medical bills.

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