Salt Lake City Drug Rehab Outpatient Therapy Anger Management Launched

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( — December 28, 2019) — Salt Lake City, UT — Salt Lake City Drug Rehab has launched a comprehensive outpatient program. It provides the support needed to continue lifelong sobriety. They consider recovery a life long process.

Salt Lake City Drug Rehab has launched its new Outpatient Treatment Program. The treatment center focuses on helping individuals establish a stable, safe and productive life after they have been detoxed in a medical facility. The Outpatient Treatment Program was developed to empower addicts to have the coping skills and support network to stay sober.

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This drug rehab center’s newly launched Outpatient Program is available to any individual who comes and takes one of the 30,60, or 90-day on-site treatment programs. These programs set an addict on a course of sanity, safety and structure that is designed to serve them the rest of their lives. This is accomplished by education, fellowship and connecting the patient to their body, soul, and spirit.

Their location is in a beautiful setting near Salt Lake City (SLC) UT. The site comments on this fact saying, “Salt Lake City is home to many amazing and beautiful tourist attractions. Salt Lake City Drug Rehab is committed to utilizing these natural resources to our advantage through providing as many different recreational and experiential therapeutic opportunities as possible!”.

There are two types of outpatient rehab offer at Salt Lake City Drug Rehab. Intensive outpatient program (IOP) and general outpatient program (GOP). The difference is the frequency of attendance at the center. Programs involve psycho-education and therapeutic based skill sets. Random urine analysis (UA) is conducted in all outpatient programs.

Therapies and skill sets include are anger management, recreation therapy, motivational therapy (MI), experiential therapy, daily living skills, long-term recovery management, relapse prevention, sobriety, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), empathy, accountability and more. Ongoing focus on these skills empowers the client to maintain their sobriety.

A patient said “I had no idea that someone could care so much for me. I was able to restore my relationship with my family and actually have my first real adult man-to-man talk with my father. I am starting to see the point in life thanks to Salt Lake City Drug Rehab and their staff.”

​The launch of a comprehensive outpatient program gives their clients a lifelong resource center so that they can work on their recovery for the rest of their lives. The outpatient treatment program is designed to follow the client’s intensive treatment time on location. This program is proving invaluable to those who are serious about controlling their addiction.

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