Hathaway Pines CA Home Mold Testing Indoor Inspection Remediation Site Launch

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(Newswire.net — January 8, 2020) — Hathway Pines, CA — Got Mold Get Us, a mold testing, inspection and remediation company based in Hathaway Pines CA, launched their new website, which offers a complimentary consultation, and videos on indoor mold.

Got Mold Get Us, a mold testing, inspection and remediation company, has launched their new website. The site, which offers a complimentary consultation, includes detailed information about the types of mold found indoors, how mold harms health and an educational video series on mold in the home.

For more information visit: https://gotmoldgetus.com

Recently launched, the Got Mold Get Us website is a comprehensive mold resource that contains valuable mold detection information and an expanding informational video series. All resources are complementary and gives the site visitor insight into the types of mold found in the home and how it can harm health.

The information sheets found on the new site include ‘The 3 Prime Reasons for Controlling Toxic Indoor Mold Growth’, and ‘These 3 Things Must Be Present For Mold To Appear’. The video series, on the other hand, includes ‘Is There Mold In My Home?’ and ‘Is There Mold In The Home I Am Buying?’ Both series include three videos that are short, to the point, and deliver valuable insight into mold detection.

The Got Mold Get Us website also contains an in-depth FAQs page, which lists five essential mold resources. These FAQs are specific to the Arnold, California region that Got Mold Get Us serves, and mold testing in general.

When asked about Got Mold Get Us, several clients of the company said, “I received a same day call back, and Dave was around in 3-days to sort out the problem. Dave was great. Even though the mold was difficult to find, he hung in there. Dave did a fantastic job.”

Dave Frederick, owner of Got Mold Get Us is a licensed building contractor, and certified home and mold inspector of some 18-years. As such, Dave is now able to offer mold and hazardous material remediation services, which are in demand due to a lack of qualified professionals in the region.

To find out more about Got Mold Get Us and the company’s newly released website, call 209 768 7477. Site visitors can find out more about the company’s services and also request a complimentary consultation.