Conversion Rate Optimization Affiliate Marketing Content Guide Launched

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( — January 27, 2020) — A new affiliate marketing guide has been launched by Jeff Lenney, covering the benefits of CRO. It explains that many people focus too much on SEO at the expense fo the human visitor.

Jeff Lenney, a leading affiliate marketer and search engine optimization specialist, has launched a new guide covering conversion rate optimization. It highlights the importance of focusing on this for entrepreneurs who want to ensure strong sales.

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The newly launched guide begins by discussing what conversion is and what it means for online businesses. Jeff explains that all too often he sees marketers who have a well designed website that ticks all the SEO boxes, but leaves a lot to be desired with CRO.

Incorporating strong CRO strategies can mean the difference between skyrocketing revenue and missing out on sales. The newly launched guide explains that a big misconception with CRO is that it takes a lot of time. However that doesn’t have to be the case.

Readers will discover that CRO describes the percentage of visitors who land on a website and go on to become actual paying customers.

The more visitors land on a business website, the more potential sales. However, it’s not enough to just have lots of visitors. Entrepreneurs need to find a way to increase their percentage of visitors who become paying customers.

The process is simple for the marketer. Effectively, the higher percentage of site visitors that become customers, the more money the business will make.

Jeff goes on to describe the most effective strategies for improving CRO. He begins by showing the benefits of making a human audience a priority.

While SEO is important, SEO-optimized content is designed to attract the attention of search engines. It’s important to also focus on engaging human readers.

Another key point to consider is creating content that is useful and integrates conversion links. Entrepreneurs need to provide customers with content that they enjoy reading, while also educating them.

It’s also important to use photos, graphics, videos and other visuals to make a website more appealing and engaging.

The guide states: “Photos, graphics, and any other type of visual​ are great ways to capture the attention of someone visiting your website, while also breaking up the giant wall of text that will drive most people in the opposite direction.”

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