Bitcoin Safety Password Manager Cryptocurrency Security Report Released

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Crypto Info Wire, a website specializing in the latest crypto investment resources, launched a full report on the best cypto account protection strategies.

Cryptocurrency investment information website Crypto Info Wire released a new report on effective ways to protect one’s cryptocurrencies from potential digital risks. The report offers an overview of some essential security strategies, such as using a password management system or a VPN.

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The new report aims to provide cryptocurrency owners with a breakdown of the most important things to consider when it comes to the security of their Bitcoin or other virtual token security.

One of the most important recommendations is using a password manager. The report recommends LastPass as a versatile password manager which can be used on multiple accounts, making it ideal for crypto owners who need to manage more than one crypto exchanges.

LastPass provides a high level of account security by automatically generating highly randomized passwords which the user can control from a centralized account.

According to the report, changing the LastPass master password regularly is a good way to further increase account protection.

In addition to its basic password management and encryption service, LastPass also comes with a series of other important features.

The report explains: “They have some other great features like a digital record storage wallet, online shopping payment auto fill feature, secure auto share, username generator, and LastPass authenticator.”

Another important step towards improving online security is using a VPN (virtual private network). This re-routes traffic through a foreign server, thus hiding the identity of the internet user and maintaining high standards of privacy and location secrecy.

Finally, the report suggests using a reliable Antivirus to eliminate the risk of malware, spyware or other types of malicious software. The report recommends Avira antivirus as a light program that comes at a very affordable price and offers plenty of advanced features.

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