Experts Now Recommends Some Science-backed Tricks to Reduce Stress

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( — February 11, 2020) Orlando, FL — Multiple studies have previously warned against chronic stress as it can trigger the onset of various diseases and disorders. 

According to experts, chronic stress causes a disruption in almost every system in the body. It has been found to suppress the immune system and even upset the reproductive and digestive systems. 

Studies even warn that chronic stress also increases the risk of stroke and heart attack as well as speed up the process of aging. It may even rewire the brain and make it susceptible to depression, anxiety, and some other mental health issues. 

Some other issues exacerbated by stress are pain of any kind, autoimmune diseases, digestive health issues, heart disease, eczema or other skin conditions, weight problems, reproductive issues, and memory problems.

When the body is already bombarded with stress, it can manifest in a variety of symptoms. These include cognitive symptoms like poor judgment, memory issues, concentration problems, constant worrying, and anxiety.

It could also appear in emotional symptoms like moodiness, loneliness, depression, and agitation. The physical symptoms are diarrhea, nausea, aches, and loss of sex drive. 

Some adaptogens have long been found to be helpful in against stress. This versatile adaptogen has long been studied due to its remarkable healing agents, particularly its inflammation-fighting properties.

A report was published in the Alternative Medicine Review.

In this report, the investigators suggest that rhodiola rosea has shown promise in working as an adaptogen. It has also been found to produce some added benefits on heart function and mental health. 

In 2005, an article revealed that rhodiola rosea has been able to increase resistance to stress. Researchers say it may be a potentially useful treatment in decreasing stress hormone levels and stress-induced heart problems.

It is worth mentioning that rhodiola has also been associated with improvements in the symptoms of physical and mental fatigue. 

According to studies, subjects who took rhodiola were able to achieve some improvements in their levels of fatigue and concentration.

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