Colorado Springs CO Buyer Agent Broker Real Estate Directory Service Launched

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( — February 8, 2020) — Colorado Springs, CO — A Real Estate buyer agent association has launched operations in Colorado Springs CO. Buyers now have access to Real Estate brokers that truly represent them in their Real Estate transactions.

The Colorado Exclusive Buyers Agents non-profit Association has launched expanded services in the Colorado Springs area. It is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country and now buyers have someone that protects their interest during Real Estate negotiations.

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The launch of this Association brings a full range of services for prospective home buyers to Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. They offer a legitimate option for buyers that includes advice, home inspections, negotiations, financing options and much more.

The organization is made up of licensed Colorado real estate brokers that work one on one with buyers. These brokers work strictly with and represent the buyer, and never represent sellers This eliminates the conflict of interest that can often occur in traditional real estate transactions.

According to Colorado Exclusive Buyers Agents Association one of the main benefits of working with a buyer’s agent is that buyers can get accurate information on any listing, including its pros and cons, without worrying about the agent trying to sell them a specific property.

“There are real differences in the real estate world that most buyers are not aware of at all,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Instead of a buyer just being perceived as a commission check, a top buyers agent wants to provide outstanding service, such as helping their client buy the home at a fair price. The buyer’s agent represents the buyer and not the seller. Period.”

A buyers agent can always be trusted to negotiate the very best price because their job is to represent the buyer, not the seller. They must act as a fiduciary, meaning they must place their client’s best interests above their own. This is just one of the benefits of working with exclusive buyer’s agents. Interested buyers are invited to browse the recently updated website that contains a directory of buyers agents, informational videos and a contact form.

The launch of Colorado Exclusive Buyers Agents Association into Colorado Springs now gives the buyers moving into the area access to true representation.

Buyers may find further information at the URL above.