50% Year on Year Revenue Growth from European IT Star, TenderHut

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(Newswire.net — February 10, 2020) — TenderHut Capital Group expects to close its 2019 accounts with a 50% revenue increase over the company’s 2018 figure. Revenue from the combined first three quarters came in at €5.86 million euro, and the full-year revenue is expected to be €8.79 million euro. This is €2.93 million euro more than the company’s €5.86 million euro revenue for 2018.

TenderHut? Who?

TenderHut is a young and energetic company from Poland that is making waves in different IT industry sectors by developing disruptive and innovative solutions to common problems.

Here, There, and Everywhere

TenderHut’s HQ might be in Poland, but the company operates in the global market, setting up divisions in different countries that utilize local talent and expertise to solve local problems.

Early in 2019 Tenderhut Capital Group bought all the shares of another Polish company, Javeo Software, strengthening TenderHut’s knowledge base and allowing a wider range of projects.

The company’s flexibility has helped expansion more than any attempt to shoehorn one product range into every market ever would. TenderHut Capital’s amazing year of growth has only happened because of the way the company fosters local experience.

·         China – TenderHut’s Chinese operation is based in Guangzhou, close to its customers in the many industries based in the area. Employees work with local laboratories to help them set up and use TenderHut’s specialist lab software.

·         Scandinavia – SoftwareHut Nordic generated approaching 40% of the Group’s total revenue in 2019. The division employs more than twenty programmers who focus on meeting local clients’ needs for software.

·         United States – SoftwareHut LLC has been tasked with growing sales in the important North American market.

Winning Awards

TenderHut’s products have won international recognition in competitions around the globe:

·         London – In the Financial Times list of the fastest-growing European companies, TenderHut Capital Group placed first among the twenty-two qualifying Polish companies, and moved up 224 places from its 2018 ranking to place 23rd.

·         United States – TenderHut Capital Group was the leading Polish company in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA ranking, growing revenue by 1,500%.

·         Europe – Emerging Europe Awards, Innovative Initiative of the Year Category – TenderHut’s mixed reality lab productivity software won a distinction.

·         Europe – Central European Startup Awards, Best Internet of Things (IoT) Startup in Poland – TenderHut’s PropTech startup, Zonifero was recognized for the way it makes office and property management more efficient.

Company Products

Each of TenderHut’s three flagship products is designed to shake things up in its sector.

Grow Uperion provides HRTech clients with an all-in-one platform that integrates employee skill development, education, and motivation. Grow Uperion works because it combines the psychology of motivation with TenderHut’s expertise in technology.

Zonifero is a property management project that offers a unique eco-system that includes building and company management. It scales as the company grows and expands to multiple locations, including everything from room reservations to the location of every employee on the system.

Holo4Labs has been designed to work with and complement Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 AR goggles, making lab staff more efficient.

TenderHut Vital Statistics

 “Last year, the group initiated projects that will be critical to its future. After a period of intensive consolidation of the IT industry, we have entered a time of strategic investments, which, in the coming years, will lead us to maximization of profits and expansion to other markets” – Robert Strzelecki, President of the Board of TenderHut Capital Group.

·         Estimated 2019 revenue € 8.79 million euro

·         Consolidated revenue of €5.86 million euro from the first nine months of 2019

·         8 Polish development centers

·         9 Foreign company divisions

·         6 Polish companies

·         3 Foreign companies in the USA, China, and Denmark

·         3 innovative products; Grow Uperion, Holo4Labs, and Zonifero

The Short Version

2019 was a year of expansion for TenderHut with new projects, organic growth, and takeovers that increase the company’s growth potential further.

The first three quarters of 2019 produced revenue of more than €5.86 Million Euro, with an anticipated total revenue for 2019 of €8.79 Million Euro. This is an increase of 2.93 million euro on the 2018 €5.86 million euro revenue.

TenderHut’s policy of expanding by employing local talent to talk with local companies to solve their problems has borne a massive harvest of fruit this year.