Scientists Now Reveal Avoiding Some Habits Can Prevent Cardiovascular Apocalypse

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( — February 19, 2020) Orlando, FL — In the United States, heart disease is undeniably common. This remains true despite the efforts of health organizations to reduce the prevalence of the condition. 

Multiple studies have long been warning against habits like living a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, carrying excess weight, poor habits, and excessive consumption of alcohol. 

All of these contributing factors have long been studied due to their ability to set the stage for the artery-damaging condition called atherosclerosis.

It is further worth mentioning that they have the ability to disturb some health markers, and promote stroke, heart attack, peripheral artery disease, aortic aneurysm, and valve problem. 

Experts warn that damage doesn’t only affect the heart, but also the bones, brain, and kidneys. 

Researchers from England, Wales and Scotland carried out a study, and it involved 4,900 men and women. 

They assessed the effects of unhealthy habits, which include low intake of fruits and vegetables, reduced physical activity, smoking, and having more than 21 alcoholic drinks a week for men or 14 for women. 

It has been found that compared to those with none of the habits, subjects with even just one were more likely to have died by 85 percent. It is worth mentioning this study lasted for 20 years. 

When it comes to improving the protection and health of the heart, it is important to nourish the body with some nutrients.

Studies have revealed that magnesium may be potentially helpful. 

A review was published in the Southern Medical Journal of 15 studies.

It was shown that supplementation of magnesium on hypertension led to a statistically significant decrease in blood pressure in 67 percent of the studies.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, which is part of the NIH, reveals that a diet loaded in magnesium and potassium correlated with reduced blood pressure. 

As a result of the study, the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet was created. 

The American Heart Association and the National Cancer Institute also recommend DASH. 

Experts say that DASH recommends a level of magnesium intake that is more than 50 percent higher than the US RDA’s recommended amounts. 

The British Medical Journal reported a research. It has been found that intravenous magnesium administered following an acute heart attack decreased the risk of death. 

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