Kayak Camping Tips – Just You, Your Boat and the Wilderness

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(Newswire.net — February 13, 2020) — Have you ever heard of kayak camping?  It’s one of the best ways to explore the world’s waterways and most stunning sights.  It might not seem possible that you can pack all your camping gear into one boat, but the facts may surprise you.  If you’re new to the idea, here are a few of our own kayak camping tips to help you along.

Pack Light, But Essential

If you’re planning to camp in a kayak, you need to be concise on the packing.  However, you can’t ignore packing in the essentials.  You’re going to need a tent, clothing, sleeping bags, food and drink supplies, and solar chargers if you’re taking a smartphone. Anyone invested in the world of kayaks will know this!

The best way to pack for a kayak is to think light.  Some kayaks, naturally, are roomier than others.  However, packing in lots of small bags rather than one or two large ones is easier.  That means you can rearrange and re-organize if you need to.

Plan Ahead

One of the best kayak camping tips you’ll hear is to read the weather.  You should also take the time to learn how tides and currents work, too.  If you have a specific route in mind, keep an eye on the weather over a select period.

Some waters are notoriously unpredictable.  Just by watching the local weather and tide reports for a few days, you should get a good handle on what to expect.

Get the Balance

It’s foolish to pack all your gear into one end of a kayak.  Think about this logically!  Too much weight at either end is either going to put you at risk of capsizing, or you’re going to have a hard time moving around.

Another one of our favorite tips is to try packing your vessel before you go.  Try it out in your back yard.  Is there anything you can leave behind?

Wet or Dry Storage?

If you’re struggling for space, remember that some items are safe to store on-boat.  Do you have anything that’s likely to survive splashing and weather?  Then you’re probably safe to keep it on-boat with you.

Sensitive, non-waterproof items should stay in dry storage.  You should lock away any technology or anything likely to spoil.

Be Smart on Food

Choose food that is easy to cook at short notice, and nutritionally rich.  Choose pasta, dried fruit, and vegetables.  Canned meat, too, is a good choice.  However, if you want to take meat with you otherwise, consider taking some frozen.  These will defrost and chill off during your trip.

It’s also worth making sure anything likely to go stale quickly is kept as low as possible in storage.  That goes for meat and fresh produce.

Kayak Camping Tips You Can Use

Kayak camping is a lot of fun.  It’s very similar to everyday camping trips in some ways.  However, as you’re working with a tighter space, and as you’re traveling on the water, you need to be smart about how you pack and what you pack.

Take our kayak camping tips above as a starting point.  Why not look at popular camping routes for the year ahead?