3 Secrets to Pulling off Athleisure Wear

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(Newswire.net — February 14, 2020) — Athleisure wear is becoming all the rage. Many men are turning to athleisure wear for comfort and daily use. 

It’s new innovations in material and technology athleisure wear has become a huge trend. The material and technology allows for durability and comfort. 

The synthetic  fabrics stretch to conform to the body while at the same time leaving enough space for your comfort. In fact some athleisure wear comes with ABC (Anti-Ball Crushing) protection for men.

Some of the athleisure wear also contains silver which is an anti-odor protecting innovation.  

There is no wonder why men’s athleisure wear is taking off! Here are three secret ways to pull off athleisure wear for men.

  1. Replace Dress Pants with Athleisure Chinos

This is perhaps one of the best innovations in men’s athleisure wear. The invention of stretchy comfortable and spacious chino pants is quite possibly the best thing ever! 

These chino pants act as a disguise for dress pants. Dress pants often ride up on a man and make it uncomfortable especially when sitting in the car. 

They also sometimes go too high above the shoe exposing more sock than you would care to show. With a stretchy material found in men’s athletes are chino pants you won’t come across these problems. 

Men’s athleisure chino pants can be worn every day and keep a man looking dapper. The secret no one else knows is that he’s wearing men’s athleisure pants. People just think those are nice pants. 

After all they look like dress pants and they fit well complementing the body. Women will certainly tell you they like a man with a nice butt! To be honest, these chinos made from synthetic fabrics used in men’s athleisure wear will definitely compliment your form. 

  1. Shoes

With a dressier look such as the chino pants in men’s athleisure, it is suggested to use a casual dress shoe when pairing with these pants. There are quite a plethora of choices when it comes to casual dress shoes. 

A great look is perhaps a pair of soft  leather shoes with grey rubber bottoms. There are also some great blue cloth denim looking shoes which say comfort but also style. 

However when it comes to wearing men’s athleisure jogger pants sneakers are a go-to for footwear. White sneakers or tennis shoes are an easy pairing.

The trick to wearing these shoes and keeping them looking good are the joggers. You must be careful when choosing your men’s athleisure. 

You don’t want to give the sloppy look. It should not seem as though you’re walking around in “sweats”.

However once you have found a nice style jogger that gives a comfortable yet tapered look then add your sneakers. Now not only will you be breathing well below the belt but you will also be walking in comfort.

  1. Jackets

This is our third secret tip to pulling off men’s athleisure wear. Athleisure wear is meant to be comfortable as well as look good. 

If you find yourself looking too comfortable then this secret tip will help. 

Many men are wearing bomber jackets on top of their athleisure wear. This adds a stylized look and takes some of the focus away from the athleisure. 

It secretly disguises just how comfortable you are. Another jacket to throw on is the denim jacket. 

A great combination would be a pair of grey joggers, comfortable tennis shoes, a white T-shirt underneath a warm black hoodie and a blue denim jacket to make your cherry on top. 

Now you’re all good to go! Step outside, strike a pose and start peacocking. Pretty soon you’ll be the hippest cat on the block.