Business Sport And Club Branded Apparel Custom Felt Hoodie Range Launched

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( — February 27, 2020) — A new rainbow-colored branded clothing line has been launched for clubs, teams and businesses. Haberdash provides its Colorfelt collection for customers looking to create their own apparel brand.

Haberdash has launched a new Colorfelt collection of branded apparel for businesses, teams and groups. The online store specializes in working with brands to provide team uniforms, branded business clothing, and high quality clothes to build team unity.

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The new Colorfelt range ( is a bright, vivid and colorful design style that can offers customers an eye-catching choice of clothing. Haberdash offers Colorfelt hoodies, crop hoodies, joggers pants, jogger shorts, T-shirts, crop sweaters, and crew neck sweaters. This provides customers with a wide range of options to find their ideal choice.

Each item can be fully customized so that customers can choose a design that fits their brand. The colorful nature of Colorfelt clothes makes it a great choice for sports teams, clubs, and vibrant groups.

The first stage of the customization process begins with choosing a base color. Options include black, heather wine, oatmeal, khaki, navy, charcoal heather, and other more unique options.

Once the base color has been chosen, customers can choose between three, four, five or six letter words to be sewn on the front of the garment. Customers have full control over the wording, and can then order specific sizes to ensure each member of the team gets the right fit.

Hoodie features include a three-piece hood with lining, metal grommets with wide lace string, interlock cuffs for a great fit, and a kangaroo pocket with double needle stitch.

Customers can create their own custom joggers, T-shirts and shorts with the trademark color felt from Haberdash. This allows them to colorize their name, team, group or slogan with the colors of the rainbow.

There are a number of benefits to getting custom branded clothing for business, recreational or athletic teams. It can help to unite the team, inspire interest in the brand, and make great prizes for giveaways.

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