Statistics Show UTIs Cause 6 Million U.S. Doctor Visits Annually

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( — February 24, 2020) Orlando, FL — Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common in women, but they can also happen to men. 

In the United States, research reveals that this type of infection accounts for more than 6 million patient visits to the doctor every year. 

Statistics further reveal that approximately 25 percent to 40 percent of female Americans aged 20 to 40 years have had a UTI.

According to doctors, the key reason why women are more susceptible to UTIs is due to the fact that they have a shorter urethra. This makes access of the E.coli, UTI-causing bacteria to the urinary tract easy and fast. 

UTIs normally produce symptoms, such as a burning feeling while urinating or an intense or frequent urge to urinate. This type of infection also leads in feeling tired or shaky, bloody urine, fever, and pain in the back or lower abdomen. 

In addressing UTIs, pharmaceutical drugs like antibiotics are often used. These medications have long been found beneficial in fighting the infection, but its use comes with a price. This type of pharmaceutical drug can produce side effects, including the dangerous ones. 

Health authorities have long been recommending to resort to the helpful measures in preventing the onset of this infection.

Today, more and more people are taking into account the use of natural remedies like D-mannose. This therapeutic, harmless sugar is believed to be a safer alternative to antibiotics. 

Some health care providers even recommend D-mannose for urinary tract health support. In laboratory studies involving rats and humans, it has been found D-mannose is beneficial against UTIs.

A research study was carried out and it involved over 300 women with a history of recurrent urinary tract concerns. They were divided into three groups namely one receiving traditional products, no treatment, and one treated with two grams of D-mannose. 

It has been found that only 15 percent of the D-mannose group had digestive issues compared to the 20 percent of the traditional product group. 

Those who did not receive any treatment experienced far more episodes of UTI recurrence. This and many other research studies only reveal that D-mannose could work effectively in fighting UTIs.

It binds with the UTI-causing culprits like the E.coli bacteria and inhibit them from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. It is thought widely to be a safer alternative to antibiotics and may also be helpful in preventing the onset of UTIs.

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