What are the Benefit of a Saltwater Chlorinator for a Pool?

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(Newswire.net — February 25, 2020) — 

Over the past few years, the has been a lot of debate over the two methods of chlorinating a pool. The traditional method asks people to add chlorine directly to the pool. They use specialized chemicals and tests to examine the pool and make sure it is at an appropriate level for use. The newer method is called saltwater chlorination. In this method, a saltwater chlorinator is used to add the appropriate amount of chlorine to the pool. This is done using a chemical process known as electrolysis. With this in mind, there are a few benefits that come with using a saltwater chlorinator to ready a pool for use.

First, when someone uses a saltwater chlorinator, they do not have to use a bevy of harsh chemicals to get the pool ready for use. Even though there is chlorine in the salt pool, the levels are not nearly as high when compared to traditional pools. There is no need to use harsh chemicals other than those used to keep the pool clean. This means that people do not have to handle the harsh chemicals that are typically associated with other chlorine pools or spas. In many ways, a saltwater chlorinator is seen as an environmentally friendly option when compared to the alternatives. Those who swim in a pool that uses a saltwater chlorinator will not develop dry skin, discolored swimsuits, or red eyes.

Next, a saltwater chlorinator requires minimal maintenance. When people use a traditional pool, there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into maintaining them. In contrast, a pool that uses a saltwater chlorinator will clean itself. This means less work for the owner. It is still a good idea for pool owners to check the alkalinity of the water, the PH, and the water hardness; however, the work done on the maintenance of this pool is far lower when compared to traditional pools.

Finally, there are even some health benefits that comes with using a saltwater chlorinator to power a pool. Saltwater is simply healthier for people when compared to a regular pool. This type of water is going to be softer on the eyes, skin, and hair. The irritation that most people experience when they use a traditional pool is due to the chlorine and additives. These are problems of the past when people go with a saltwater chlorinator. This is one of the biggest benefits that people will enjoy when they use a saltwater chlorinator to power a pool. This cleaning device is here to stay.