A Luxurious Traveling Experience at Marbella

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(Newswire.net — February 27, 2020) — Spain has become a top tourist destination for people wanting to travel to a place with sunny days and warm weather. But when it comes to luxury tourism, no place in Spain shines more than Marbella. Over the last years, Marbella fancy clubs and yacht clubs have make this town a referent for people wanting a holiday experience fit for a king.  

Everything you should know before you head to Marbella

What started of as a fishing town has evolved into one of the most luxurious towns in the world. We are talking about Marbella, the Spanish Mecca for luxury tourism. This town is located in the Spanish province of Malaga. It belongs to an area known as Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun). This coastal area gets its name for its amazing weather that blesses the area with sunny days during most of the year. 

Over the last decade, Marbella has become a referent for people wanting a fancy holiday experience. It is not rare to find celebrities on the city’s nightclubs or members of the royal family relaxing on their yachts near the town’s shores. However, if you want to experience a truly luxurious holiday, we recommend that you stay clear from hotels. Hotels tend to gather the more mainstream tourists and are often overcrowded during the summer, which may affect to the service you receive. The best alternative to stay in a hotel would be renting your own private villa. The are some really nice luxury villas in Marbella to rent. These villas include the same facilities than any 5 star hotel while giving you the privacy of a private home. Here you will be able to relax without having to fit any form of schedules. It will be like being at your own home but being able to enjoy the beach views and relaxing while hearing the sea in the background.

Another thing worth noting about traveling to Marbella is its idyllic location. As part of Costa del Sol, Marbella is nearby many other touristic towns. This means that you can use it as a point of reference to start exploring the many wonders of the surrounding area.

Things you can not miss during your trip to Marbella

Marbella is a town with a lot to offer. By planning your trip carefully ahead of time, you will be able to cover at least the tourist spots that are a must visit. These are some of the activities we can not stop recommending that you check out during your Marbella trip:

  • Checking out Puerto Banús: Puerto Banús is a small port that has become famous worldwide for hosting some of the most expensive yachts in the world. It is almost impossible to walk across this port’s streets without encountering a luxurious yacht, an expensive sport car or an international celebrity. If you are looking to purchase “a big souvenir” to remember your Marbella holidays, then this port is the perfect spot for you. 
  • Scuba diving in Marbella: Marbella is one of the most stunning places to go scuba diving in Spain. There are multiple companies offering this service in the area. Here you will be able to see a rich ecosystem with stunning coral reefs and, sometimes, even encounter dolphins.
  • The best golf courses: if you like to practice golf, then you are on luck. Marbella and the surrounding towns have some of the most stunning golf courses in the world. Thanks to the typically good weather in the area, you will be able to enjoy these installations almost any day of the year.
  • Clubbing: Marbella is famous for its rich nightlife. Near Puerto Banús you will find some really exclusive night clubs, which are often frequented by celebrities and the rich people from the area.
  • Trying the Spanish cuisine: Spain has one of the richer gastronomies in the world. Some of the best gourmet restaurants are located in Marbella. Here you will be able to try some of the most classic Spanish dishes with a modern and elegant twist.