The Tourist’s Guide To 5 Historic LA Movie Theatres

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( — March 6, 2020) —

Visiting Los Angeles but not visiting its classic and historic movie theatres is definitely a miss. These places serve as landmarks to the beautiful city. Built mostly during the 1920s, these theatres have witnessed the most glamorous era of Hollywood.


Buying from the ticket kiosk at a modern-day theatre is surely a treat, but if you wish to explore some iconic historical backdrops, then these are the top 5 theatres that you should not miss at any cost!


The TCL Chinese Theatre

This is a historic Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles that opened in the year 1927. This place regularly hosts red carpet premiers to date. It has a framed courtyard which also serves as a major tourist attraction. It also has the handprints and footprints of many Hollywood icons. You will also find different mementos there, like the wand of Harry Potter.

TCL, a Chinese electronics company purchased this theatre in 2013. It partnered with IMAX Corporation to convert it into a 932-seater IMAX theatre. This has now become the largest cinema theatre in North America.


The Egyptian Theatre

This is one of the oldest theatres in Los Angeles as it started its operation in 1922. This was the venue chosen for the first-ever Hollywood premiere. It closed during the late 1980s but reopened as a grand movie theatre in the year 1996. The exterior of the theatre still has retained its original appearance.


The Fox Theatre

This one is located in the Westwood Village and has a distinctive “wedding cake” tower. This one was opened in the year 1931 and its tower and neon sign remains unchanged. This place is a very famous destination for hosting multiple Hollywood premiere shows. It hosts movie premieres to date, for example, it recently screened Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. All the premiere of the James Bond and Harry Potter movies were also hosted here. Another iconic thing that this place has retained is the fact that it still has pavement parking!


The El Captain Theatre

Across the street of the TCL Chinese Theatre, lies The El Captain Theatre. It started operations during the 1920s, and back then it was a live theatre. In 1941, the place was converted from a playhouse to a movie theatre. Buena Vista Picture, a subsidiary of Disney brought the theatre and refurbished it during the 1990s. The most impressive feature of this theatre is the Wurlitzer organ. It basically has 4 keyboards and 37 ranks of pipes, which each represents different types of musical instruments.


The New Beverly Cinema

The building that now houses The New Beverly Cinema has been there since around 1929, but it has not been a movie theatre always. It was converted into a movie theatre in the late 1950s. First, it was the New Yorker Theatre, then it became Europa that showed foreign films. It then became Eros showing adult cinema, finally to become The New Beverly Cinema in the year 1978. Quentin Tarantino brought this property in 2007.