Hull UK Chanterlands Avenue Business Cards Professional Print Shop Launched

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( — March 10, 2020) — Hull, UK — The leading print shop in Hull has launched business card production. Individuals may design cards online or visit the shop and let the design team help them create a stunning new business card.

To do Designs, the leading print shop in Hull, has launched a new service. From their store in Hull they are now producing the most stunning business cards available in the UK. These exceptional business cards are now being printed in-house at their headquarters on Chanterlands Avenue.

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To Do Designs decided to launch this business card service because are merchants had expressed the need to have a local business provide them with business cards that were unique and designed by local specialists. All the business cards being produced reflect the local culture and the team at To Do Designs strives to bring a local flavor to each production.

The designers at To Do Designs are excited to bring their talents and expertise to the field of business card design. The company owns it’s own press and for no extra charge will help customers design a professional design.

Customers may choose to create their own business cards online or to let the professionals at To Do Designs handle it. Local business owners, managers, and staff are welcome to stop by the shop on Chanterlands Avenue and see what is available and discuss their ideas with the friendly team at To Do Designs.

The most popular business cards to date are printed on 350gsm thick card on silk paper. During the launch of this new business card printing service, they are printing 250 cards for just £15.00.

Customers may create a complete brand package where the design of the business card is also reflected on letterheads, envelopes, posters, brochures, pamphlets and all other printed office goods. To Do Designs offer t-shirt printing as well which is great for staff uniform and personal celebrations were custom t-shirts or hoodies are needed.

The business card service offers several varieties including one-sided, double-sided and folded. All business cards use the same professional printing in CMYK colours that let the small flagships of every company shine in bright splendour.

To Do Designs views itself as a partner to each client that it serves. An example of the business cards being offered may be viewed at the URL above.

During the launch of this service, anyone looking for a new brand or just some new printed business cards is encouraged to contact To Do Designs in Hull, UK. For further information please visit: