New Research Highlights the Good News Linked With Alzheimer’s Drugs

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( — March 18, 2020) Orlando, FL — Today, the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease continue to skyrocket especially in the United States. While the condition remains incurable, it is worth realizing that certain medications help sufferers and may even offer more benefits.

According to scientists, a Alzheimer’s disease drug may halt the condition if it is used before the appearance of symptoms.

Research warns that around 50 percent of individuals who reach 85 years of age will suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, most of these sufferers will die within about five years of exhibiting symptoms.

These symptoms are severe memory loss and a precipitous decline in cognitive function.

A study from the University of Virginia provides a new understanding about how the condition develops at the molecular level. This pertains to a stage long before the occurrence of extensive neuronal damage.

The findings of the study was published in the Alzheimer’s & Dementia journal.

The researchers suggest that identifying who are at risk and using new drugs as well as making lifestyle adjustments may reduce the risk of the condition.

Alzheimer’s drugs are undeniably useful for individuals with this condition. It is imperative to ensure that these medications are taken and their effectiveness is utilized.

Some natural remedies have been scientifically found beneficial in making Alzheimer’s drugs more effective and reducing their side effects.

According to scientists, curcumin may be useful. This phytochemical can be found in a medicinal spice called turmeric and is found to possess a range of disease-fighting, health-enhancing properties. 

A study was published in the Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology. 

In this research, it has been found that all-natural phytochemicals like curcumin have an ability to transform the treatment approach for Alzheimer’s with fewer side effects. 

Curcumin has been found to have the ability to pass through the blood brain barrier, and this aids in delivering the caustic drugs directly to the brain sites affected by Alzheimer’s. 

Scientists reveal curcumin could fight infection and inflammation as well as the protein deposits that contribute to the brain degradation linked with Alzheimer’s disease. 

It is worth realizing that the use of this natural remedy has long been associated with various health benefits. This is why it is widely resorted to nowadays through supplementation, such as the use of Divine Bounty Curcumin. 

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