Freedom Consulting LLC Appoints New Associate Director of Security Training

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( — March 12, 2020) — Freedom Consulting LLC is a security consulting agency based out of North Carolina, USA, specializing in cutting-edge training programs for both private and government entities.

North Carolina, USA – Freedom Consulting LLC, a company that specializes in advanced security training, has appointed William Reed as Associate Director of Security Training.

The company has expanded the training team with the addition of William Reed. Because no client is the same, training must adhere to each specific client’s standards. Mr. Reed will be helping clients prepare foundational training programs tailored to their specific internal operations.

Just as important, Mr. Reed will be in charge of creating impactful training systems original to Freedom Consulting LLC for future launch across the US. These materials will be focused on building experienced, physical security professionals through realistic and practical training scenarios.

A new but experienced company in the industry, Freedom Consulting LLC already boasts a lineup of proactive protective solutions, including security assessments, facility penetration evaluations, and travel risk assessments. These important security programs aren’t the only services it offers. The team provides protective intelligence and due diligence services as well. These services identify, assess, and mitigate data collection, including proactive research and almost real-time security reporting.

With a forward-thinking mindset, the team offers Social Media Risk Mitigation. In today’s world, it’s becoming imperative for employees to understand the risks of social media. As the website suggests, adequate social media behavior is paramount to protect a company’s reputation, brand, and assets.

An impressive 100% of Freedom Consulting LLC’s consultants have a history of serving in the military or at the national security level in the federal government. These professionals bring diverse experiences from each of their units and agencies to offer its clients specialized knowledge. Thus, the company is in a position to offer unique, varied, and relevant security solutions for each client, tailored to specific needs.

With persistent monitoring and breach exposure services, the company aims to help each client deal with internal problems during their time working together, as a surefire way to avoid asset loss in the future.

The addition of its Associate Director of Security Training indicates an upward turn in growth and expansion for the company. It’s a decision that will strengthen their team management, improve relationships with clients, and provide better services to all private and government entities.