Florida Bridge Loans Investment Commercial Properties Financing Service Launched

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(Newswire.net — March 12, 2020) — A mortgage and investments company based in Tampa launches their hard money bridge loans to provide fast financing for the development of commercial properties in Florida.

Tampa-based company Westshore Mortgage & Investments Co., Inc. (WMI) launches their bridge loan services for clients in the state of Florida. By offering hard money loans, the company helps investment and commercial properties raise the funding they need for their real estate development projects.

Additional details can be found on the company’s website at: https://westshoremortgage.com

The newly launched loan services aim to provide a viable solution for businesses looking to develop or enhance an existing property. WMI understands that it can be difficult to produce the budget for projects like this internally, while resorting to traditional loans may require time to process. It is for this reason that WMI offers short-term loans that are secured by real estate properties.

Various types of properties may qualify for the loans. Offices, retail outlets, shopping malls, strip centers, warehouses, self-storage buildings, and other commercial establishments are all on the list. Hospitality properties such as hotels and resorts may also qualify, as well as multifamily dwellings. Healthcare, assisted living, and medical facilities may be considered, too.

Aside from the above list, WMI may also grant loans on other properties on a case-to- case basis. Other than the development of such real estate assets, the company also grants hard money bridge loans for the purpose of purchasing, refinancing, acquiring, or constructing commercial properties. WMI provides financing to clients outside the US as well, primarily in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Over the years, WMI has served the needs of various investment and commercial properties. A realtor client had this to say about Mr. Ray Wateska of WMI: “Since the time I have worked with Ray he has demonstrated he is the most professional, hard-working, passionate person. For our company, working with Ray means compromise, commitment, reliability and trust. His wide mortgage knowledge became a key for our success. It’s a pleasure working with such an amazing, professional person.”

Investors and commercial property owners who are interested in WMI’s hard money bridge loans may get in touch with Mr. Wateska through the previously mentioned website. Alternatively, clients in the US may call 813-749-6953, while those in other locations may dial 001-813-747-6953.