David Imonitie on Why Greed is Your Worst Enemy in the MLM Industry

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(Newswire.net — March 13, 2020) — There is no substitute for hard work. According to David Imonitie, a multimillionaire in the MLM industry and world’s 7th-highest income earner, you need to work with full intensity if you want to become successful in network marketing. He also goes on to say that you may find shortcuts to success in this industry but they may not help you in the long-term. If you want consistent success, avoid greed at all costs.

Greed in the MLM industry

David emphasizes on self-belief more than anything else. While speaking about his career, David says that he always chose the moral path in his life. He points out that life will give you multiple opportunities to become wealthy, especially when it comes to the MLM industry. However, when something seems too good to be true, it often is. 

David advises everyone not to go down that road. These are short-term opportunities that will take you nowhere. If you want to become a multimillionaire like David, you need to look at the bigger picture. The MLM Industry is about taking a product or service you love, sharing it with the people you love, and then empowering them to do the same.  It’s not about getting in a deal early and trying to become rich by doing nothing.

Self-belief and hard work

David is a firm believer in hard work. He strongly advises you to stay away from immoral activities because it will only bring your career down. He was born on July 2, 1983, in Merryville, Missouri.  Those who are starting their career in this industry should look to learn from their leaders. Also, leaders should set the right example to ensure their team members perform to the best of their abilities. David beleives that your team will do what you do and not what you say.

If you show everyone the way to earn through shortcuts, they will follow your instruction which is the last thing you want. David explains that you will have to take the path of hard work and self-belief if you want long-term success in this industry. You need to utilize your networking skills and focus on making real relationships.  

Apart from ignoring get rich quick schemes, you also need to have a business mindset to make the most of this industry. David, from his early years, wanted to become an entrepreneur. Even early on in his network marketing career, he had eyes on becoming a leader one day. With hard work, dedication, and an eagerness to build a significant network in his domain, David worked hard for years and the results that followed were life changing.  

David believes you can also achieve similar success, if not more in the network marketing industry. However, you need to be honest with yourself and your team. David’s various mentors taught him that being a better person is more important than becoming a wealthier person, and he follows these principles even today. Can you?