Cosmetic Dentistry and Its Five Common Types

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( — March 27, 2020) — Is it challenging to get the smile of your choice? The answer is no. With the help of cosmetic dentistry services, one can have a beautiful smile. Traditional dentistry services help in dealing with your teeth and gums healthy. With a cosmetic dentist, the appearance of your teeth and smile gets improved. Often people have a gap between teeth, broken or misshapen teeth, stained teeth, which can be treated well with modern cosmetic dentistry services.

One can contact professional dentistry services providers like parkway dentistry to learn more about this. Your dentist will design an optimum treatment plan for you after carefully examining your teeth condition. Also, he/she will explain why this treatment is required and how you can get the most beautiful smile with its help.

Below listed are 5 most common cosmetic dental procedures:

1) Bonding dentistry

Under this dental procedure, a composite resin, which is of the color your teeth, is applied to the teeth to give you a better smile. This treatment repairs the decayed, misshapen, or discolored tooth. Also, it can be used with patients having a gap between the teeth. 

2) Dental veneers

Dental veneers also referred to as thin porcelain laminates, are customized shells. These are made using a material having the color of your tooth. Temporarily, the enamel of the teeth gets filed, and its impression is taken. These impressions are sent to the appropriate lab for designing customized veneers. Till it is made, you will have these temporary veneers. This treatment plan is ideal for those who are having a dark stain on the teeth, and it cannot be treated with the help of bleaching.

3) Teeth whitening

Teeth’s whitening with a spa dent is a quick and easy process that can whiten your teeth in 15mins. There are several homemade bleaching solutions also which can be used for the whitening of teeth. However, they do not give the expected results mostly. As compared to other whitening solutions, this can help in lightening your teeth to 2-8 shade. Also, it is not an expensive treatment. Spa dent uses state of the art blue LED light to lighten the discoloration of your enamel and provide long-lasting results. After you are done with the procedure, it is advisable not to eat or drink anything for at least 30-40mins.

4) Crowns dentistry

Crown refers to a cap that is in the shape of your teeth. This cap is placed over the teeth to cover it and restore its contours. The cap provides strength to the teeth if it is weak and also improves its appearance. When the crown gets successfully placed, it covers the entire visible portion of your teeth, which is above the gum line. While selecting the crown, the three most important factors which should be considered are durability, strength, and cost. Your dentist can suggest suitable options and guide you to select the best one according to your needs.

5) Mouth rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation is a process where all the teeth in upper and lower jaws are rebuilt or restored. Full mouth reconstruction is required to be performed if you have fractured teeth, severely worn teeth, loss of teeth due to decay, jaw complaints, pain in muscles while taking a bite, and more. If you feel you need full mouth reconstruction, then visit a dentist. Your dentist will examine the condition of your mouth and learn the extent of the problem you have. After careful analysis, the dentist will suggest the right treatment plan.

Often the personality of a person is judged by his/her looks. A beautiful smile is always pleasing to the eyes. The personality of a person may be interpreted in the wrong way if he/she is having broken, misshapen, or discolored teeth. Whether you want a brighter smile, white teeth, or completely redo your look, cosmetic dentistry services can provide solutions to all. Research and find the best dentist to get the best in class dentistry services that can fulfill all your requirements.