Top 3 Office Tools to Make Life Easy

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( — March 28, 2020) —

Working from an office environment can always get boring, monotonous, and can be stressful at times. And especially now with COVID-19, a lot more people are moving their office space into their homes. This can make it even more difficult to keep up with all the demand, and keep that space clean. Here are some of the best office tools we’ve found that you can get to help make life easier while working in your office, whether it be at home, or in the city. 

A White Board

Not all of the office tools on here are hard to come by, and this is a great example. It seems like such a simple addition to the environment, and it is. But it benefits so much. Being able to quickly jot down and erase notes, draw sketches, or create lists is such a handy tool to have, and of course you could use paper for this as well, but why spend money on paper when all you need is  a white board? Not to mention it’ll save you quite a few trips to the recycle bin with all that paper you’ll be throwing away. 

The Google Suite

The google suite comes with a truckload of different benefits. This includes google drive, for storing files, music, videos, and images, google photos, for storing images and videos. And many more, such as google docs, google sheets, google slide, hangouts, gmail, calendar, business, contacts, maps, translate, vault, keep, and more. There is such a huge amount of different options that make it easy to share information with others, whether it be coworkers or business partners, as well as to manage sites, arrange meetings, either face to face or in person, store files, and pretty much anything you can imagine. Not to mention that it’s all FREE, and you more than likely already have an account on all of them right now. It’s also extremely easy to sync between computers, phones, and tablets, since it all runs off of a cloud system. This means you can access whatever you need to off of any device that can access the internet! If you want to unleash more premium business features then you can migrate g suite to office 365 or Microsoft Exchange Server for best productive environment.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Whether you run a tight shop, or a relaxed one, essential oils can help create whatever type of environment you desire. With such a wide variety of types, effects, and uses, essential oils can be used to create a relaxed, stress free work environment, or can be used to create a feeling of focus, and motivation. Some oils can also be used in your meal plan to help keep you healthy and feeling well, even on those long work days. 

Operating in a work space that has light clean smells, or tangy, invigorating smells can really help you to keep a productive mindset, as well as improve overall workplace contentment. Enjoying and being comfortable in the space you work is much more important in the long run than most people give it credit for.