Top 6 Survival Items for Challenging Times

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( — April 14, 2020) — The world is still partially ticking over despite the lockdown. Communications are still running and so are utilities. The food supply chain is moving and there seems to be enough to go around provided people don’t panic buy.

That said, these are inarguably uncertain times. It won’t hurt to make a few simple preparations just in case of food and power shortages.

The average US home experiences power outages approximately twice a year for around 3 hours. But in cases of severe weather, homes can be without power for several days. 

So, what can we do to ensure that we have sufficient food and power to keep safe, sane and healthy in the case the world completely shuts down? 

If you watch too much news, current affairs or scroll endlessly through social media, it’s hard not to become disheartened. Maybe treating yourself to an online purchase will lift your spirits?

Try using the lockdown time productively to develop hobbies, skills and interests. OK, you can’t get out to the shops but there are still many products you can buy on the internet with Amazon or eBay. Shopping online helps keep people in jobs and help the economy along, 

Have you always wanted to try painting, sewing or drawing? Perhaps you might enjoy playing computer games? How about some new board games to play with your family? Take your mind to a happier place and start a new hobby or skill.

Now, we’ll round up 6 survival items that will see you through any disaster scenario:

  1. Portable Generator

  2. Solar Generator

  3. Medical Supplies

  4. Freezer

  5. Art and Craft Materials

  6. Home Gym Equipment

1) Portable Generator

If you live somewhere with freezing temperatures, you’ll need a backup for heating. 

For general peace of mind, keeping a backup power source ensures you’re not without lighting in the event of a power cut will see you’re not without light and heat. A decent generator will power your fridge, freezer, heaters, and air conditioner. 

Try to buy a generator sized to your needs. The smaller the better, really, as it will take up less room and you will be able to transport it more easily if required.

A portable generator or a generator with a wheel kit makes moving the generator easier, whether it’s to another room, the garden or the garage. You might need to take it on a trip somewhere so you’ll need to consider the size and weight.

When choosing a portable generator, consider how long a tank of fuel will last. Another factor to consider is the noise. Some generators are pretty loud. 

Most portable generators are powered by gasoline although some dual-generators run off both gasoline and propane. Propane has a very long shelf life so you can keep a spare tank in case of a gasoline shortage.

Some generators turn themselves off when the fuel gets low. 

2) Solar Generator

As long as you have sun, you’ll have no need for gas or propane. Solar power systems consist of solar panels, a battery charger, solar batteries, and an inverter.

Solar generators are typically rated at 12, 24 or 48 volts.

Solar generators will not give you as much power as gas or propane-powered generators. The average US household uses roughly 30KWh of energy a day while a solar generator can only store between 1 and 2 KWh. 

3) Medical Supplies

A well-equipped first aid kit is a sound investment for nasty injuries like burns, cuts or broken bones if emergency assistance is far away. You’ll want to be able to clean cuts to prevent infection or create a splint for a broken bone.

When shopping for a first aid kit, try to plan for all medical emergencies. A decent pack will have you covered for skin irritants, fractures, breaks, blocked airways, and blood loss. There should also be a supply of basic medicines such as painkillers and antihistamines.

4) Freezer

In tough economic times, storing batches of your favorite healthy meals in a chest freezer is a handy way to feed you and your family while stretching those dollars. You can also freeze fruit and vegetables so that you can ensure that you’re getting vital vitamins and minerals in case of a food shortage.

Freezers come in all sizes, from small countertop freezers to large chest freezers.

5) Art and Craft Materials

Now is the time to release your inner artist. Why not follow one of the many online drawing and painting tutorials? The art shops may be shut but you can still order many materials online from drawing pencils and acrylic paints to art canvases and watercolors. 

You could also start some journaling projects with your kids as part of their home education schedule. You can have heaps of fun making memories with scrapbook and craft supplies like stickers, patterned papers, decorative ribbons, and embellishments.

If you’d rather pursue craft activities why not try upcycling household items with fun glass pens, craft pens or some fun textiles?

6) Home Gym Equipment

Maybe you never had time to work out before? Staying fit and healthy is crucial to keep your immunity up. 

Being in lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t work out. Invest in some home gym equipment so that you can keep up with your cardio sessions while targeting all major muscle groups.

If you’ve got the space, there’s a range of cardio machines on the market such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, and climbing machines to get your heart pumping.

If you live in a small apartment and don’t have room for bulky machines you can still get that heart racing with skipping ropes, suspension straps, or bike trainers.

To target the different muscle groups, investing in a range of dumbbells can add extra resistance to your cardio sessions while building strength.

Final Thoughts

Even if this pandemic subsides and everything slides back to normal, why not use this as the opportunity to stock up on vital supplies?

It’s never too late…