Sales, Popularity Soar for Innovative Dental Grind Guard Manufacturer in 2020

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( — April 15, 2020) Norwalk, CT — For those suffering from bruxism, exploring a path to relief can feel overwhelming, confusing, and expensive. When Bite Tech’s Ora-GUARD® launched in 2017 however, consumers were suddenly given an option that offers instant, long-lasting relief and doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars in trips to the dentist and expensive treatments. Since then, the product’s popularity has soared to new heights as word of its effectiveness spreads. And it’s not hard to see why.

Obtaining an Ora-GUARD® Mouthguard requires no dental prescription or note, the product is highly rated by medical professionals and current customers, and it is a very affordable solution to a very widespread problem. For these reasons, the product continues to dominate among other teeth-grinding solutions and it seems nothing can slow down its continuous ascent to the top of the list.

“From day one, our goal with the Ora-GUARD was to bring a solution to the market that was completely dependable, highly effective, and available to everyone,” Bite Tech CEO Jim Meyers says. “These are the three essential pillars of the Ora-GUARD philosophy, and we continue to stand behind them one-hundred percent.”

What makes Ora-GUARD® an ideal choice for combatting Bruxism is its unique construction. The one-of-a-kind, hard and soft surface wedge design is made from a soft, medical-grade fit material that cushions the jaw when clenched. The product’s bite plate wedge slides the lower jaw down and forward, helping to relieve tension while at the same time shielding the teeth from damaging each other. The soft yet secure grip is designed for maximum comfort that won’t interfere with breathing while the wearer sleeps.

Those interested in learning more about the Ora-GUARD® can visit the product’s official website at The site is full of professionally-backed information with links to testimonials all of which clearly lay out the benefits and effectiveness of the Ora-GUARD®.

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