Doctors Now Strongly Stress the Importance of Preventive Steps Against UTIs

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( — April 29, 2020) Orlando, FL — UTIs are infections that continue to affect more and more people today. It is worth realizing that while there are medications available, experts have long been strongly stressing the importance of taking some preventive steps against it.

In multiple research studies, it is revealed there are various ways to reduce the odds of getting this infection. It is worth mentioning that most infections happen in the lower urinary tract, which pertains to the bladder and urethra.

It has long been found that women are at a greater risk of the infection due to the female anatomy. More particularly, women have a shorter urethra that makes access to the bladder of the UTI-causing bacteria easy and possible.

When it occurs, it leads to symptoms like a burning sensation when urinating, a strong persistent urge to urinate, cloudy urine, blood in the urine, and pelvic pain in women.

Aside from the female anatomy, there are other risk factors like the use of some types of birth control, sexual activity, and menopause. It has also thought that older people tend to be more susceptible due to the fact that they have reduced immune ability to fight off the infection.

One of the most effective preventive tricks is to consume plenty of water, which significantly aids in eliminating the E.coli bacteria from the body. It is similarly important to avoid the use of potentially irritating feminine products. 

The most popular treatment for UTIs is a type of medication called antibiotics, which have undeniably save millions of lives. However, it is also worth noting that the frequent use and overuse of antibiotics could result in drug resistance. 

Once this side effect occurs, it often results in more complicated illnesses, longer-lasting illnesses, more doctor visits, the need to use stronger and more expensive drugs, and more deaths due to bacterial infections. This is why it is best to consider some preventive measures in fighting UTIs.

It may be significantly helpful to consider the use of safer alternatives like D-mannose, which is a sugar found in cranberry. It is worth realizing that cranberry juice has long been used as a remedy for UTIs.

In multiple research studies, it has been found that D-mannose worked wonders in preventing bacteria like the E.coli from attaching to the bladder lining. There have even been clinical trials showing that it works better than antibiotics in fighting the infection.

There have also been research studies showing that this natural remedy has worked wonders in fighting recurrent UTIs. 

Today, it is common for individuals with recurrent UTIs to resort to extra-strength formulas like Purest Vantage D-mannose. This supplement is equipped with 600 mg of D-mannose per capsule, for every bottle it offers 120 Vegetarian capsules. 

This supplement could be helpful for individuals who are struggling from UTIs (


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