How To Preserve Your Construction Equipment From The Elements

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( — April 26, 2020) —

At any construction site, there are various types of equipment positioned throughout the area. From dump trucks and bulldozers to trailers and other items, it is crucial this equipment be kept in excellent working order. As any construction business knows, equipment costs are some of if not the highest expenditures they face on an annual basis. Thus, once you have a solid piece of equipment that is working well, you want to keep it that way. Unfortunately, various aspects of weather such as cold, rain, ice, heat, and much more can lead some equipment to an early demise. 

Trailer Tarps

Whether you have dump trucks, flatbed trailers, or other similar equipment at your construction site, trailer tarps and construction tents can be an effective and cost-efficient way to keep everything in great shape. Available in many different sizes, most tarps and tents can be used to protect virtually any type of equipment. In addition, they are affordably priced in most cases, making them a good option for companies that are seeking inexpensive ways to keep high-priced equipment in excellent condition.

Regular Maintenance

For many construction companies that experience equipment issues on a regular basis, one of the biggest reasons is a lack of regular maintenance. This is vital, especially for equipment that is left to fend for itself in rain, cold, and other types of weather. If you want to maintain your construction equipment, doing such things as changing the oil on a regular basis can make a huge difference in keeping the engines of dump trucks, bulldozers, and other equipment running smoothly in all types of weather conditions.

Utilize Sleep Mode

For most types of modern construction equipment, sleep mode is a viable option that can be used to protect equipment from the elements. By being able to shut off equipment during the workday when it is not in use, companies can help maintain electrical and electronic components that can be affected by wet or cold weather.

Have Adequate Storage Space

Since you will have many types of hand tools and other equipment at your construction site, always make sure you have adequate storage space where equipment can be placed when not in use or when bad weather prohibits crews from completing certain tasks. Whether you use steel storage buildings or tents, investing in various types of storage space can pay big dividends if it helps maintain expensive and essential equipment.

Clean Equipment Regularly

Along with making sure your construction equipment receives regular maintenance, taking the time to clean it periodically can also protect it from the elements. For example, since most types of construction equipment are used in conditions where dirt and mud are common, this can lead to engines and other important mechanical parts becoming clogged. When this happens, it is only a matter of time until an engine overheats or other parts fail. Should this occur, not only does this mean a delay in finishing the job, but also a large repair bill as well. While it may not seem important at the time, keeping equipment clean is an important step to take after doing a hard day’s work in an especially dirty or muddy area of the construction site.

Beware of the Sun

While construction companies love the sunshine, the fact is too much of it can wreak havoc with construction equipment. At many sites where the weather is nice, equipment of all types is left out in the sun day after day. However, since the temperature inside the engine compartments can reach well over 100 degrees even when not being used, long-term damage can result. Therefore, even though you may like the sunshine, always make arrangements to store equipment in buildings, tents, or under tarps to help keep it cool.