Changes in designs due to pandemics

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( — April 26, 2020) —

We all know that the entire world is fighting a battle against the Coronavirus pandemic, but this is not the first pandemic that we all have seen. There were pandemics earlier too. Today, we are going to discuss how these pandemics compelled people to change their way of living to become more hygenic. We are also going to discuss the changes that we are going to see after the COVID-19 effect calms down. 


The new bathroom design 


Before the year 1800, bathrooms were made just like any other room of the house. There were bathtubs and other required things, but the walls and floors were like that of a room. In the late 1800 and early 1900, Sanitary Reform Movement took place and people were asked to change the settings of their bathrooms. They were asked not to use such material for the floor and walls that would carry dust. After the deposition of dust, this would carry the disease-causing microorganisms and it is not good for anyone. 


Not just that, for the sake of this, the hospitals adopted the concept of white tiles forever. The reason behind this is that, if something falls over white tiles, we could see it clearly and can clean it immediately. Thus, it will help in avoiding any kind of microorganism. Now, the change in the floor and wall material was there in places like kitchen and laundry too, and it was done easily by best kitchen cabinets manufacturer. The carpets were replaced by porcelain. Even white tiles got innovative with time. Some were mottled, some were reflective, but the general shape and install pattern were always the same. 


How sinks came to life?


Have you ever thought that despite having taps in washrooms, why we felt the need for sinks in our life? Well, you must have seen it and understood that this is all-natural, but there is a story behind it. There was a time when people did not have refrigerators. At that time, delivery boys would come to deliver the daily essentials. Now, these delivery boys would go to every house. Some of these places might have patients with communicable diseases. They would bring their organism with them. 


They would ask for water and wanted to clear themselves a bit. This was the time when sinks came in life. People didn’t want them to use their private washrooms. So, they established sinks in their house. They used to call it half bath. Sinks were mostly placed on the ground floor of every house and in this way, washing hands became so convenient for the visitors. This was directly proportional to health and hygiene. People used to go to the best kitchen cabinets manufacturer for this. 


Changes after COVID-19 


Before discussing the changes that you will see in the furniture and house designs post COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to say that the era has changed now. People now have enough resources to know about the news and information related to it. So, not just the furniture and houses, but how mankind lives now will be changed entirely. People will become more hygienic and handwashing, as they state the importance of it, will become their top priority. This may also lead to sinks and sanitization areas outside the house, which could not be found nowadays. 


Now, let us focus on the changes that will occur in the house, post COVID-19 effect. First of all, there would be a sink on your entrance, as soon as you enter the house. We can call the area where the sink is, a powder room. Here, you can just place your things on the hanger and then can wash your hands. After that, you can dry your hands using the towel placed over there. You can get this by the        


Apart from that, a concept of work from the home area too would be cut on the blueprints of the house. This pandemic has made us think that if the productivity is good, why can’t one work from home. We are sure, in the future, this concept will flourish and the employee with good and effective work from the home area will be the priority of the company. 


With all the points that are discussed over here tells us that after every pandemic spread, people change their way of living, solely to fight with the effect of it. We do all the possible things to get rid of it. Along with the changes that history saw, we discussed the changes that will come after the effect of Coronavirus. Well, one thing that we are sure about is that we will end up being better human beings after all this, having a better understanding of life and other living beings.