Phone repairing gets easier

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( — April 26, 2020) —

In this digital era, nobody wants to lose their phone. We are terrified by the thought of losing our phone. Just count how many times did you drop a smartphone? Maybe that counts more than 5 times because dropping or dunking phone is a common activity which we all faces. Today we are going to suggest some easy methods to fix your phone without panicking. This short-term fixing method can be useful for many of the readers. 


All you need to do is to follow these steps cautiously for quickly restoring most of the functions of the phone. Here we are going to mention some of the legit phone repairing tips by generalizing the basic issues faced by us. The first aid of phone is mentioned as follows-


Prevention is the first step


Before getting deep into the methods of phone fixing, we can go through some of the ways to restrict damages in the first place.


Buying a damage resistive phone is one of the easiest solutions. In the next turn, when you will be going to buy a phone, you should remain cautious about the description of gadgets features. You should ask computer for some in-depth details regarding the rating of IP. IP is the series of digits, which can reveal about the damage resisting score called as Ingress Processing Mark or International Protection Mark. The first digit of IP can be used to withstand the dust and the second digit will reveal the withstanding power of water. Higher IP rating will result in fewer chances of future issues.


How to know the exact meaning if the IP rating of the smartphone?


The first digit of IP as we told is the ability if solid particles resistant power which ranges from 0 to 6. These days all the modern phones usually achieve at least a 5 which meant that the dust particles are not going to hamper the normal functioning of the phone.


The water-resisting power of the smartphone can be known by the second digit of the IP. It has a wide range that starts from 0 to 9. The minimal score to gain basic protection from splashes scores at least 4. Aiming at a higher score can reveal the duration of survival in the immersion of liquid up to 3 feet deep and it scores 7. Most of the smartphones, which score an 8 can withstand longer duration. You should know that Samsung Galaxy S9 scores IP68.

 The phone case can also append the substantial protection by covering the device’s corners and edges. You may ask computer for the best design of the carrying case for your phone’s model.


Covers and Protectors


If the phone case seems too heavy to carry for you then you may prefer screen protectors. These are a thin layer that sticks to the phone’s display and it claims to be a cheaper as well as a lighter version of safety for your gadget. This screen protector lacks all-round protection, but it will just protect the screen from deep scratches on your display.


Dealing with cracks


The unnerving smack on the phone can be caused by easy slips from your hand. Usually dealing with cracks on your phone is not an easy task. You need to identify the cracks well by powering on your device. You need to be cautious regarding the release of liquid, this liquid comes out from the battery or from the chemical that holds the phone. You need to stop your phone if something like this appears.


On the other hand, if the display of your phone is suffering from the major cracks leading to unveiling the interior components of the phone then you need to put the device down. Trying to use that impaired phone again, then you might end up giving more damage to the phone. You should consult a professional in such cases and remember that you need to see the phone what are all the loose components in a plastic pouch. You may ask computers to enlist the nearby professionals or repairing shop.


Water damage is no more heck


Most of the smartphone users have been part of a situation in which they have dropped their phone into any liquid. If that is the case with you, then you need to pick that phone out from the liquid and turn it off. You need to dry your phone with a piece of cloth by placing it on a plain surface. You should turn your phone off and keep on drying it naturally. The drying process can be slow, so you shouldn’t panic. Do not try to heat your phone by keeping it in the oven or by using a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner. These electronic appliances can cause harm to the delicate components of a smartphone.


You must have heard about keeping it in a rice bag. This is one of the most common tricks known to all for the removal of moisture from the phone, but unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work well. Although you can prefer some silica gel packets for silica cat litter because they are the most effective drying agents and it is capable of keeping out moisture.

If you have tried these methods and still your smartphone is not turning on then it’s appropriate time to contact a professional. These were some of the effective methods that can be easily utilized for repairing the phone on your own. It was just a quick list of steps that you may use whenever you need it.