Alternative Wedding Plans People are Having During the Pandemic

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( — April 26, 2020) —

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it across the globe. It has disrupted economies and people’s lives. Some wanted to get married this year, but because of the virus and social distancing protocols, they don’t know what to do. Luckily, other couples are beating the odds and tying the knot during this period. Here is what some of them are doing.

1. Live Weddings

Since Federal regulations have banned gatherings of more than 10 people, couples are using technology to make sure that their favorite family and friends are there for the wedding. These couples are setting up Zoom accounts and inviting close family and friends for the ‘meeting’. Couples that can’t wait any longer for their big day are streaming the events live from their homes.

Most couples are streaming the event from their living rooms. Others are using hotel lobbies with minimal guest attendance. Live streaming the event allows the newlyweds to share their big day with family and friends regardless of the location.

2. Balcony Weddings

During this tough time, there’s something known as balcony weddings. Couples are getting married on the balcony. What these couples do is seek the services of someone authorized to officiate a wedding in the same apartment block or one that’s close to theirs. The couple gets dressed for their big day and stands on the balcony.

Then, the official officiates the wedding from their balcony. The official has to shout so that the couple can hear what he or she is saying. These weddings take a few minutes before the official confirms the newlyweds. Other couples are getting married on the rooftop of their apartments. The official and photographer maintains social distancing during the event.

3. Guests Remain in the Car

For couples that live in the suburbs with close family and friends nearby, they are sticking to social distancing guidelines by staying in the car. The couple holds the wedding in their backyard with the officiant, photographer, best man, and bridesmaid present. The rest of the guests remain in their cars to observe social distancing guidelines.

After the couple becomes married officially, the guests show their appreciation by hooting from their cars. Other newlyweds will drive along the street where their close friends and family live. The guests remain in their homes, but open the windows to cheer on the newlyweds as they slowly drive along the street.

4. Elopement

Some couples are using the COVID-19 crisis to elope in a private destination. Such couples only invite the photographer and marriage officiant to the wedding. Couples will elope because they are more interested in the time that they will share as husband and wife.

Others will elope, but still do another bigger wedding when things get back to normal. These couples will use the big wedding as a stage to renew their vows.

5. Rehearsals Turned to Marriages

There are couples whose wedding was supposed to take place a few days before the lockdown. To avoid risking the lives of their close friends and family, these couples have decided to get married earlier than the scheduled date. Some of them are turning their rehearsals into actual weddings. It’s easier to turn a wedding rehearsal into the event because some people are already there.

Most rehearsals have the bridesmaids, groomsmen, photographer, and the officiant present. When the rehearsal becomes a wedding, the attendants maintain social distance.

6. Postponement

However, some couples can’t imagine celebrating their big day alone. They want their grandparents, parents, and relatives to be there for the wedding. These couples have decided to wait a little longer and postpone their weddings for at least six months.

These couples have contacted vendors who’ve agreed to wait for them. Wedding planners have also agreed to stick to the terms of the contract. The move has helped the couples save money because most vendors aren’t refunding anyone for deposits.

Some couples are refusing to let the COVD-19 pandemic stop them from getting married. As the expression goes, love conquers everything. Couples are using ingenious ways to get married while sticking to social distancing guidelines. Hopefully, they will come a time when the newlyweds tell the incredible story of how they got married on a balcony to their kids and grandkids.