Best Wireless Smart Home Security Systems With Cameras Atlanta GA Launched

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( — April 29, 2020) — Atlanta, GA — Atlanta Georgia based SafeStreets has launched ADT home security monitoring system including a free video doorbell or HD Indoor Camera with a new ADT monitored video package and $100 Visa reward card.

SafeStreets, a leading provider of the best wireless smart Home security systems with cameras, has launched their Smart home solutions for customers based in the Atlanta area of Georgia. Any customer who purchases an ADT Home Security Monitoring Service will also qualify for a free video doorbell or HD Indoor Camera with a new ADT monitored video package and a $100 Visa reward card.

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The newly launched service is aimed at homeowners in the Atlanta Georgia area who want to increase their level of home security by installing an ADT security monitoring service. ADT is a leading brand within home security because it is reliable and trusted.

The video doorbell is currently offered as part of a promotional package and provides customers a wide range of benefits. This type of technology means homeowners know exactly who is at the front door regardless of whether they are in or not as the technology can often be linked to a mobile phone.

Knowing who is at your property and when can be particularly useful for homeowners with a second home, holiday home or while people are away on vacation. It provides peace of mind, added security and real-time results.

Installing and fitting an ADT security system can provide many benefits to homeowners. In some instances, it can save money on home insurance and the unrivaled service means many ADT systems continue to work even through power interruptions and blackouts.

The advantage of a monitored service is that it provides 24/7 response and support. For customers who are vulnerable, older or live alone, this can provide peace of mind. Many systems can be reset remotely if needed, which prevents the need for an engineer to come out.

Detect and deter is a feature of many ADT security and alarm systems that warns potential intruders about the security in place and acts as a deterrent. It reduces the likelihood of damage and further incidents.

A company spokesperson said, “At SafeStreets, our aim to ensure customers feel safe in their own homes. The ADT home security options we supply are designed to provide security and peace of mind. We urge customers in the Atlanta Georgia region to get in touch about our current promotional offer as unfortunately it won’t last forever.”

Interested parties are invited to visit the website link provided above to find out more about the range of home security options available and all current promotions. A video with tips on Smart home systems is also available here