How To Improve Your Communication With Loved Ones During Quarantine

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( — April 30, 2020) —

With extended stay-at-home orders on the rise for coronavirus implications, we have more time on our hands to invest within new activities and practices. Practicing social distancing has become a behavior of customs as we all have to play our part to slow the spread. With this new-found time expansion, we can learn of new formats to communicate with loved ones and family members. Communication methods have also been adapted for virus concerns, opening the doors of opportunity for teaching and learning new formats of communication. Below are a few recommendations for improving communication and exploring new formats of sharing time commitments with our loved ones.

Two-Way Radios

One adaptation that is fun for the whole family is the inclusion of two-way radio communication. Frequency seeking has allowed for two-way radios to cover further areas of ground, allowing for signal travel that can extend across state lines. We all know that mobile devices have the capabilities to produce conversations with multiple individuals, but exploring applications and applying new phone settings can be difficult to train or teach. Two-way radios utilize frequency signals to establish a connection, creating a direct line to those who share the same frequencies. This is a great connection tool for families that are looking for single-line coverage options. The connection speed is as easy as sharing the same network and signals, limiting the amount of self-teaching that has to occur to emit conversation and communication.

The Comfort of Personalized Letters

Odds are your grandmother has an extensive address book that holds locations of all members of the family tree. Calling your grandmother to gain access to these addresses represents a great communication tool for delivering personal messages. A letter or piece of mail is a welcomed sign for all parties involved. Being that the post office remains an essential business, snail mail travel continues to work within fluid operations. Placing your kids within the fun is a great way to deliver contributions from all family members to a loved one. The sharing of personalized messaging is also something that is cherished beyond the comfort of spoken words or digital viewing. A letter holds a presence of value that can outlast the test of time, creating a memory that will not soon be forgotten and a memory that can be revisited whenever the recipient chooses.

Video Tools

Communication outlets have been expanded during the coronavirus pandemic. There are a host of different web-sharing companies that have developed applications that allow groups to share video messaging and streaming. These tools help to connect us with multiple parties, creating virtual, family reunions. There is a small learning curve associated with these applications, so it is best to call and create a walk-through plan for those who struggle with technology.

Streaming platforms such as Zoom allow for source linking, creating a video conference that includes the depths of a family tree. Connecting via this source gifts first-time users for up to 40 minutes of free video conferencing. Upon further review, the Zoom host can place a positive rating on the application when prompted, giving that host source account the ability to unlock unlimited video conferencing with no time limit placed on conversation. This is one of the many companies that is investing in communication methods during this trying period in time.

Moving to Digital

Since interactions have been scaled to limited levels of contact, there is no better instance to explore digital communication options. Delivering a Mother’s Day card to all mothers within a family tree via email is a simple form of contact that allows family members the satisfaction of knowing that they have not been forgotten. Sharing personal birthday messages, anniversary cards, and other such personalized content via web outlets remains one of the top options to spread joy and communication to loved ones. Explore the many different outlets and options within this digital space to create awareness for sharing information with other family members. The best forms of communication are shared by staying connected to the on-hand options at our disposal during these times.