Boston Custom IT Outsourcing Integrated Network VoIP Security Services Launched

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( — May 6, 2020) — Boston, MA — IT Management Solutions have announced a new IT service for businesses. Their unique combination of IT and business expertise ensures their consultancy can provide tailored IT solutions for businesses of all sizes.

IT Management Solutions, the Boston-based IT consultancy, have announced a new IT service for businesses based on their unique combination of IT and business expertise. They combine quality technology solutions with proven best practices to meet individual business needs. The benefits of this strategic partnership with clients include optimized costs, reduced risk and a rapid return on IT investments.

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IT Management Solutions provide a strategic business consultancy based on maximizing the benefits to be had through new technology aligned to business needs and goals. This is a fast-moving market and businesses both large and small now find that their IT management is far more productive when outsourced to an independent service provider.

The new IT service is backed by high quality customer support to solve problems and maximize the use of technology for business growth. Their consultancy teams have a wide range of experience in different industries, enabling them to understand a business, tailor IT solutions that work best for that company and the way its staff works.

Typical service packages include Cloud services, email and SPAM protection, cost-effective hosting solutions, online back-up, security, server migration and maximizing the cost benefits of VoIP telephony.

IT Management Solutions combine technology and business expertise that enable them to understand a company’s challenges and develop technology solutions crafted for each client’s needs. They offer a fully managed, integrated service that includes planning, procurement, implementation and ongoing management of IT support and evaluation day to day.

Their new IT service can reduce a company’s IT cost by up to 20% by tailoring IT solutions to their client’s precise needs. All clients enjoy proactive customer support, along with quarterly business reviews that will keep their business on track and prove the value of maximizing business IT solutions.

The business states: “If you have other companies providing services that integrate with services or equipment we are providing or managing, we will work with you or on your behalf to make sure things work well together and save you countless hours trying to understand techno-jargon.”

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