What Are the Major Perks with an Expat Employment Package?

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(Newswire.net — May 5, 2020) —

Those who are fortunate enough to be working under contract in a foreign country can expect to enjoy many attractive perks and bonuses, when compared to a regular employment contract in their home country. There are several reasons for this; firstly, in order to attract a professional person to uproot and go and live in a strange culture for a couple of years, they must make a very attractive offer, plus if they want the cream of the crop for middle management positions, the high flyers do not come cheap. Here are just some of the major benefits you can expect to receive when you agree to an overseas posting.

ü  Quality Accomodation – In Bangkok, for example, there are many upmarket housing compounds and your employer would pay the rent for a 3-4 bedroom detached house, with a nice garden and fully furnished. The package would likely include garden maintenance and a maid service, which might be live-in or on a daily basis, and the property would be of a very high standard and ready for occupation. If, on the other hand, you prefer living in a fully furnished condo, this could also be arranged.

ü  Use of Car and Driver – It is normal for the expat worker to be give a car (driver is optional) to use for the duration of their stay, and as it isn’t your car, you wouldn’t have to pay for the fuel or the maintenance. If, for example, you don’t drive, your employer would be happy to hire a local person to be your chauffeur, which makes you feel a little like royalty.

ü  Children’s Schooling – Only the best will do for the children of their expat managers, and you would have your choice of a leading international school in Bangkok, where you can enrol your child. As the school runs the British curriculum, the students can pick up where they left off the previous academic year, and your employer would cover all schooling costs.

ü  Paid Flights Home – It is standard practice for an employer to pay for an annual air ticket for an employee to return home for a short holiday, although you can stipulate another destination if you wish. They might even pay for your partner and kids to fly home also, although that does depend on the employer.

ü  End of Contract Bonus – This is not a mandatory requirement and some employers will not offer such a bonus, but if you are lucky, you might receive a couple of months’ salary as a thank you for all your hard work.

ü  Comprehensive Health Insurance – This would normally cover you and your family while on a foreign posting, and should any of your family require hospital treatment for any reason, the health insurance or the cost of term insurance would usually cover you.

In some parts of the world, your salary would be tax-free, but if you do have to pay tax, it would be much less than you would pay at home, and maybe as low as 3%.