Knee Pain? Your Knee May Need Some Oiling

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Increased Synovial Fluid Lessens Knee Pain

Maybe you have been living with knee pain. Chances are that if you are active and exercise regularly you will experience some twinges in your knees as you get older. You know it as pain, we doctors know it as osteoarthritis which is the most common cause of knee pain in people 50 years or older. With the number of people over 50 in the United States, “arthritis affected an estimated 52.5 million [22.7 percent] adults in 2010-2012 and has been projected to affect 78.4 million adults by 2040,” wrote the team led by CDC researcher Kamil Barbour. He and his colleagues tracked 2002-2014 data from the U.S. National Health Interview Survey. This level of discomfort “can limit a person’s ability to perform basic functions and seriously compromise their quality of life,” Barbour’s team said.

What can you do about it? Well, exercise is probably the best thing, it may hurt afterward however lack of exercise will only make it worse as the knee osteoarthritis will continue to get worse. Losing weight will take more pressure off and greatly decrease your knee pain. What about medicating? painkillers such as acetaminophen and NSAID analgesics which include ibuprofen and naproxen/Aleve or Advil may help some. Stronger, prescription painkillers such as opioids are not recommended, however. There are serious risks associated with long-term use of opioid therapy to treat chronic pain which we won’t get into here.

Just like Using OxyContin, a brand name for the opioid Oxycodone. Long-term OxyContin use can cause physical tolerance, and the longer you use it, the greater the dose you’ll need to get the same results. This can lead to problems such as prescriptions running out unexpectedly rapidly or drug prices becoming prohibitively expensive. OxyContin withdrawal can occur when an addict no longer has access to the drug.

There is a unique way to help produce more synovial fluid to ease your knee pain from osteoarthritis. It is called the Knee on Trac Solution. This is a mechanical traction unit that distracts the knee joint using 30 lbs. of pressure. How does this equate to less knee pain? The synovium is a lubricant for the articular surface of the knee joint. Your car can run with low oil but it certainly won’t run well. Your knee is a biomechanical wonder and it needs its lubricant to work efficiently, just like your car needs oil.

Now it would make sense to take omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil to help grease the skids. Personally, I recommend turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties. So get some exercises going and start taking some supplements to help ease your knee pain. Try not to go the NSAID route, the pain will subside but you will do further damage to the surface of the joint. This leads to more osteoarthritis as the years go by, and neither of us wants that.

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