Health Authorities Now Warn Against the Most Common Heart Disease Risk Factors

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( — May 21, 2020) Orlando, FL — As the prevalence of heart disease continues to increase, more and more experts are looking for some ways to reduce its rates. 

According to research, around half of the American population or 47 percent have at least one of the three key risk factors for heart disease. These are high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and smoking. 

These are the risk factors that can be controlled. It is strongly recommended to reduce the risk of the condition by making some changes in the controllable factors. Diet is one of these and experts have strongly been suggesting to make heart-healthy choices.

It is highly recommended to reduce intake of trans fat, saturated fats, sodium, and cholesterol as these are closely associated with heart disease. Health care professionals often recommend some dietary changes, and these include consuming more fruits and vegetables. 

Aside from diet, it is also important to engage in physical activities regularly. It is important to remember that not having adequate physical activity can increase the risk of heart disease and some other conditions.

There are other risk factors to avoid, such as being obese. It is important to stress that obesity has long been associated with higher LDL or bad cholesterol levels.

What not many people understand is that some nutrients may actually aid in fighting heart disease, and one is vitamin C. 

According to studies, vitamin C may work wonders in reducing the risk factors of heart disease. These are high LDL or bad cholesterol and reduced levels of HDL or good cholesterol.

An analysis on nine studies was carried out and it involved 293,172 participants. It has been found that after 10 years of intake of at least 700 mg of vitamin C every day, the participants had a reduced risk of heart disease by 25 percent. 

It is worth realizing that the use of vitamin C has long been found beneficial for a range of medicinal purposes. 

Another analysis of 13 studies has looked into the effects of taking a minimum of 500 mg/day of vitamin C on the risk factors of heart disease, such as the levels of blood cholesterol and triglyceride.

It has been found that intake of vitamin C supplement significantly decreased the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol by approximately 7.9 mg/dl and blood triglycerides by 20.1 mg/dl.

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