Four Very Underappreciated Classic Cars From the 1960s’

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( — May 19, 2020) — We all know the Ford GT40, the Ferrari 250GTO and the Lamborghini Miura, but real petrolheads know that the 1960s’ were filled with amazing, exciting and beautiful automobiles. Due to the large diversity in the market and an oil crisis which soon followed, some of them failed to get the appreciation they deserved. Others, meanwhile, perished in the context of more expensive and sought-after automobiles. So, to revive the reputation of some forgotten gems – here are four very underappreciated classics from the 1960s’.

Jensen Interceptor

The 60s’ were a decade of preposterously beautiful GT’s. Amidst the Alphas and Ferraris, some got lost in the mix. However, during this time, British automakers were living in a golden age. Jensen was right in the middle of this, but as with pretty much all fun sports cars that came from Britain in this era, the Interceptor failed to be recognised worldwide.

The two-door coupe was powered by a monstrously large 6.3 litre V8 that only put out 250 horsepower. Later Jensen added two more engine options with more power, but the 60s versions were slightly underpowered, considering the car weighed 1.6 tons. The car did an abysmal 10-12 mpg but accelerated from 0 to 100 KM/H in 7.5 seconds. Nowadays, a late 60s Interceptor costs around 70 thousand pounds, but it is an extremely rare and not well-known car despite being absolutely stunning to look at.

Renault 4

A car mustn’t be fast or sleek to be undervalued. Renault 4 is a supreme example of iconic, exciting and underappreciated. This small piece of tin was a result of small-car mania that ravaged Europe during the late 50s’ and all of the 60s’. Everything started with the Fiat 500, but Citroen came out with the 2CV, there was the Mini (of course) and the Renault 4.

But whilst the 2CV and the Mini are very well received, the 4 is left on the sidelines even though it’s just as exciting as the latter. If you’re a hipster or enjoy weird cars, the 4 is 100% right for you. Scrap around 15 to 25 thousand Euros, and you can find a restored or well-maintained unit from the 1960s’.

Maserati 3500GT

Remember, underappreciation could be conditional and relevant. In this case, even though 3500GT’s go for anywhere between 200 thousand pounds, all the way to 800 thousand, it’s still quite possibly the prettiest car of all time. This Italian gran tourer hit the market in late 50s’, but was in production until 1964. It’s a real mystery why the similarly timed Ferrari 250GTO costs close to 50 million and the 3500GT is almost 60 times cheaper. Of course, this car does not have the racing pedigree of the 250GTO, but in terms of looks and sex appeal – they’re even.

First generation Cadillac de Ville

If you have around 50 thousand US dollars laying around, and if you adore comfortable cruising, terrible handling and supreme all-leather bench seats, then the early 60s’ Cadillac de Ville is a perfect automobile for you. The first chassis is extremely beautiful and so very long that it’s around 50 centimetres (half a metre) longer than the modern-day BMW flagship limousine – the 7series G12. If you want a massive landyacht, it’s probably best to buy a unit not in mint condition and take on its restoration work. The seats, paintwork and interior elements like the steering wheel might need work but rebuilding such a gem gives you the opportunity to individualise your car such as fitting custom steering wheels and painting it in a unique color.