Experts Reveal Proven Tricks to Enhance Performance and Recovery

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( — June 3, 2020) Orlando, FL — It has long been established that in athletes and individuals who engage in physical activities, their nutritional needs are higher. 

According to experts, these people do not just need to nourish their bodies with various nutrients but also get adequate sleep.  

In most cases, the quantity and quality of sleep athletes get usually influence whether they win or lose. REM sleep can provide some energy not just for the brain, but also the body. When it is cut short, the body is unable to consolidate memory and repair memory as well as release hormones. 

A study was published in the SLEEP journal. It has been found that those with poor sleep experienced declines in split-second decision making. It is also worth noting that exercise could deplete energy and fluids as well as break down muscle. 

Many studies have long revealed that sleep deprivation causes a spike in the levels of the stress hormone called cortisol. It has further been found to reduce the production of carbohydrates and glycogen, which are normally stored for energy use while the body engages in a physical activity.

This essentially means that reduced or inadequate sleep increases the risk of low energy, fatigue, and poor focus during game time. Health experts recommend getting the right and adequate fuel as well as hydration. Some healing minerals like magnesium have been discovered essential in enhancing physical performance. 

According to experts, this mineral has long been found important for proper muscle function during exercise and at rest. When the body is deficient with this macromineral, it could produce an impairment in exercise capacity. 

It could also decrease physical performance, which may be disadvantageous to athletes and individuals who are trying to stay fit. 

Health authorities have warned that depletion of this mineral is linked with muscle cell changes, increased inflammation, and impaired calcium balance in the cells.

In some studies, magnesium has been found to have a positive impact on resistance exercise performance. It has even been found to improve performance in volleyball players. 

It is further worth mentioning that magnesium supplementation could delay or prevent age-related decline in physical performance. 

Research has even found daily intake of magnesium for 12 weeks enhanced physical performance in healthy elderly women.

In addition to enhancing physical performance, this mineral has long been found to be beneficial in warding off a range of diseases and disorders. 

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