Google Calendar Helps People Who Work From Home

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( — May 28, 2020) — The COVID-19 situation has changed the ordinary course of life! From wearing masks, gloves in public to practicing social distancing -our reality is undergoing a massive change. There are changes in the way we work, as well. Becoming regular at the office is not happening anytime soon. Hence, it would be best if you kept on working from home and attending the meetings, events, seminars, workshops, and the like. It is necessary to get all your meetings and events synced and listed in one place. Google Calendar is the best tool for this, especially during this pandemic time. It enables you to create your routine and make changes as and when you have to.

Using Google Calendar is easy, and a little hand-holding can help you grasp the procedures better. To know more about this, you can check out Calendly’s Google Calendar tips. Are you wondering how it can help you during the lockdown time? If yes, the following pointers can help:

1.      It is a perfect tool for people working from home

Working from home seemed to be the only remedy to ensure people don’t step out of the house! Not many people are used to this new way of working. Besides, it would be best if you exercised some discipline to ensure you work on time from home. For this, Google Calendar is the best option. You can use one for your professional targets and the other to attend to your tasks. It will help you to get more organized than you thought you could ever be.

2.      Let other working members view it

Many companies today have employed workers from various time-zones on one project. And that makes it complicated for all the people to stay awake or be present near the computer every time. Hence, when you use Google Calendars, you can add the event or meeting details and keep it open for others to edit and make changes if necessary. It allows all your employees to operate from the same level and ensure no one misses any data when another employee is not available. Do you want to share the calendar with a project manager who might make changes in it? If yes, then you need to opt-in for the edit option while sending it. 

3.      Aesthetics matter

Gone are the days when online calendars used to be bland and boring. It was mostly because of its basic look. However, today you can use the latest changes and add the required variation to your life. You can add the necessary colors to make it appear aesthetic and ensure that the work gets done.

4.      It helps team members to stay tuned to essential details

One of the best parts of Google Calendars is that your team members don’t necessarily need to sit in front of the computer always and use it. They can sync in the app on their mobile and use it even when they’re on the move. It helps them to check the necessary updates for mission-critical projects and assignments. It helps team members to edit any changes at anytime from anywhere.

The lockdown will take time to erase. Until then, as you are planning to work from home, you can count on Google Calendars to streamline your tasks and meetings.