Rescue Dog With Deformed Facial Features Adopted Guide To Recovery Launched

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( — May 28, 2020) — My Best Bark, a specialist platform for pet owners, has launched a new guide based on the recovery of a rescue dog with a deformed face. The road to recovery was tough, but worth it.

My Best Bark, a specialist platform for pet owners to find training advice, heart-warming tales, and interesting videos, has launched a new guide based on the recovery of a rescue dog with a deformed face after being adopted.

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The newly launched guide focuses on rescue dog Beaux, who was ignored for five years while left tied up in his owner’s backyard. What seemed like a hopeless story turned into one of love and compassion and is designed to inspire other people to consider pet adoption.

Rescuer Jamie explains that Beaux was born with a facial deformity, which meant the breeder wanted to give him away for free. By chance, a friend of Jamie’s was landscaping a yard and happened to take a photo with Beaux in the background.

Jamie noticed Beaux and thought he looked adorable, so she asked her friend about the dog and found out that Beaux’s owners were trying to get him into a rescue center or foster home because they didn’t want him anymore and were moving.

Beaux had been neglected for five years in the backyard, so Jamie instantly said she would adopt him. She noticed how thin he was and took him to the vets to get checked over as a matter of urgency.

The vets thought Beaux would not live because he had heartworms and they thought he was too underweight for the treatment. In the end, they gave Beaux a 50/50 survival rate as Jamie started planning his long road to recovery.

During the recovery period, Jamie was able to bond with Beaux by visiting him regularly, including emergency visits in the middle of the night. A month later, Beaux was ready to go home, but that was when Jamie realized he did not know how to live inside a home.

A spokesperson for My Best Bark said: “We aim to provide pet owners with useful, insightful support and guidance. Many people who consider adopting pets have questions and appreciate hearing the success stories of others who have been in their situation.”

“The heart-warming story of Beaux and Jamie is no different and will hopefully inspire people to take a chance on a dog that may otherwise be put to sleep or left in a bad situation,” they added.

To read the guide in full, interested parties are invited to visit the website provided.