New CDC Report Warns About 70 Million Americans Have Hypertension

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( — June 5, 2020) Orlando, FL — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that around 1 in 3 or 70 million Americans have high blood pressure. 

According to experts, half of these sufferers are able to control their blood pressure, possibly through the use of blood pressure medication. 

Health authorities have long warned that high blood pressure can be a silent but deadly condition. When not managed, it could lead in undesirable health consequences. More particularly, it can wreak havoc on heart health.

Certain pharmaceutical drugs are often used in managing blood pressure, but there are also some natural tricks found helpful.

Following a healthy diet and even exercising regularly have been found beneficial in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. It may also be helpful to consider the use of some natural remedies like the antioxidant called resveratrol.

Studies have shown that this antioxidant has an ability to offer protection to the cells and DNA. It also aids in regulating a healthy blood sugar and protecting the skin from UV damage.

In a meta-analysis recently carried out by researchers, it has been found resveratrol plays avital role in supporting blood pressure health. It has been found to be due to its remarkable ability to regulate systolic blood pressure. 

Individuals who want to manage healthy blood pressure and obtain many therapeutic health benefits may consider the use of this natural remedy.

Aside from its hypertension-fighting benefits, it is also worth mentioning this powerful healing ingredient may also work in offering a myriad of health benefits. 

According to researchers, resveratrol actually provides similar health benefits as calorie restriction when it comes to cellular protection. It has even been found it aids in decreasing irritation and enhancing blood flow via the vessels.

Experts say that this powerful healing antioxidant could also work wonders in supporting hormones that play a role in blood pressure. 

Today, resveratrol may be obtained through the use of formulas like Purest Vantage Resveratrol. While there are many food sources of this antioxidant, it is worth mentioning that supplements are easy to take and are effective in delivering the therapeutic goodness of the antioxidant

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