The Mock Jury Trial Experience Moves Online

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( — June 5, 2020) — 

Can I Move My Mock Jury Trials Online?

Change is challenging, especially when it is brought on by circumstances that are out of our control. This is the case with mock jury trials. Traditionally held in focus group facilities, it’s become necessary to move mock jury trials online.   

There’s a strong appeal to see the current COVID-19 shutdown as temporary; that this crisis will pass, that Mock Jury Trials will continue in person, in the same format they always have.  Pragmatic thinking is best applied to this improbability. 

Even states that are starting to talk about opening up are requiring six feet of social distancing, face masks, and staggered numbers of people in group spaces. The realistic alternative is to prepare for a jury trial by moving to online capabilities.

The good news is that other professional services have paved the way. Facilitating a mock jury trial online utilizes the same requirements as other research studies that are now accomplished online. 

Civicom was one of the first entries into the arena twenty years ago. Civicom is the global leader in facilitating web-enabled in-depth interviews and focus groups. We facilitate over 35,000 of these each year.

Civicom Online Mock Jury Expertise

Civicom understands the needs of trial consultants. You must be able to map out the terrain on which the battle will be fought and predict the issues that are going to drive the trial verdict. We are here to provide the technical expertise and support to make it possible for you to achieve this objective online. 

Civicom provides a project facilitation team that can set up your presentation and deliberation groups, link out to your surveys, recruit your respondents, and get them tech-checked and ready for the online jury experience. We train your presenters and move presentation groups to deliberation.

We arrange your evidence, graphics, videos and/or audios, and live presentations within your web room according to your desired specifications, and review it all with you in a moderator training session.  We can accommodate your plaintiff and defense arguments, rebuttals, and closing statements, including any number of surveys or polls. We can help you determine what size of presentation and deliberation groups works the best. Our facilitators remain with you throughout every mock jury trial focus group to assure technical success. 

Your Mock Jury Surveys

We know that your surveys play a critical role in providing you with the insights to determine leanings and create your client report. We set up your polls and link out to your surveys throughout your large group presentation and at the conclusion of your individual deliberation groups. You can use any survey tool you are already familiar with, our use ours.

Recruiting & Translation

We can recruit your respondents through our extensive network of mock jury trial recruiters. We make sure your respondents meet your mock trial’s tech requirements by ensuring they are tech-ready. We can provide simultaneous translation plus translation of audio and web recordings. 

Online Mock Jury Deliverables

You will receive video files to playback. You can tag keywords, edit, clip, and stitch files into storyboards, as well as review and clip transcriptions. We provide captioning for all types of video. We can transcribe any file. We can provide you with one-to-three-page summaries of any content.

A Brave New World

Moving to a new approach can present a challenge. But just like the big tech shifts in history – to the computer, to smartphones, to telehealth appointments, to the emerging cashless society, online mock jury trials can become an opportunity to deliver improvements over a traditional system. 

We love helping trial consultants embrace the opportunity and embrace change. Working with a team that can help protect your success is better sooner than later – become prepared for the New Normal. Civicom is here to help make that possible for you.