How Transcriptions Can Help You Go Viral as a Content Creator

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( — June 5, 2020) — According to Hootsuite, people upload 500 hours of video every minute on YouTube. This can only mean that competition is fierce among content creators, and it’s only going to get fiercer across other platforms as time goes on. As a content creator, a question you are likely asking yourself is how can I stand out among the others? What can I do to up the ante against the competition?

What many don’t realize is that you can utilize something as simple as transcriptions to gain an edge and ultimately go viral.

How Transcriptions Can Help in Viral Content Creation

Transcriptions are not only used in academic endeavors and corporate settings. It can be a very useful resource for video content creators in terms of maximizing content mileage. Transcriptions have several advantages when it comes to creating viral content — mainly, they affect your online reachability and your content’s accessibility. 

A transcript can help you widen your reach and increase visibility. Videos with accompanying transcripts, subtitles, and captions do far better than those that have none. Content creators who use video transcriptions often see positive returns in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). Be it a vlog, podcast, or a promotional ad, your content will have more chances of showing up as a top result among searches.

Transcripts also improve the accessibility of your content to your audience. Those who are deaf or hard of hearing can still view and consume all kinds of video content, and those who are in a sound-sensitive environment can choose to watch your videos with the reassurance that they’ll still be able to understand it. 

Once you’ve improved your reachability and accessibility with the use of transcriptions, nothing can stop your content from going viral. Transcriptions can help you amass better views, better engagement, and better view time in the long run. 

Choose TranscriptionWing for Your Content Creation Needs

TranscriptionWing is Civicom’s general transcription solution that serves many sectors such as market research, education, healthcare, and of course, including transcriptions for media and entertainment. TranscriptionWing helps content creators transcribe video or audio files quickly through a client-centric approach and flexible features that can accommodate any budget.

TranscriptionWing, first and foremost, is 100% human. Instead of audio-to-text generators, the service employs human transcribers that can accurately transcribe any media. Human transcribers have higher accuracy, especially when detecting foreign accents and slang, identifying multiple speakers, and more. 

Transcripts are also customizable with TranscriptionWing. The service can transcribe in verbatim, insert timestamps, speaker labels, and more if need be. This is going to be beneficial in inputting video captions and subtitles which will help improve the quality and accessibility of your video content. 

TranscriptionWing also has multiple turnaround times, perfect for content creators who are always in the game and want to put out content that is timely and relatable. can produce transcriptions in just four hours or by 9 AM the next business day. With this, content creators can put out content as quickly as they can and “jump on the hype train” as they say. 

And of course, TranscriptionWing also prides itself on the quality service they provide in every transcription. Content creators can expect nothing but the highest quality in every transcription they ask for. 

With best practices in place, there’s no doubt that transcriptions can change the game for content creators out there. Using transcriptions may be a subtle change, but it’s a change that will bring in many improvements for content creators that their audiences will surely appreciate.