Experts Now Reveal the Proven Tricks to Get a Better Night’s Slumber Despite OA

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( — June 15, 2020) Orlando, FL — Conditions like osteoarthritis produce pain and other symptoms, which are some of the reasons why getting adequate sleep at night is quite challenging for many sufferers.

According to experts, around 70 percent of individuals suffering from osteoarthritis suffer from some kind of sleep disturbance. It is worth mentioning that sleep troubles can include problems falling or staying asleep.

It can also mean waking up earlier than one desires. Pain is uncomfortable, and it even wakes many OA sufferers at night.

According to Patricia A. Parmelee, PhD, it’s less about pain keeping you awake at night than it is about a bad night’s sleep leaving you more vulnerable to pain.

Parmelee is director of the University of Alabama Research Institute on Aging in Tuscaloosa. 

“It works both ways, but the stronger direction is that sleep problems – whatever their cause – can make your experience of pain worse,” she adds.

It is also worth realizing that poor sleep can make it challenging for sufferers to cope with pain the following day. This then adds up to more pain and reduced sleep.

Some studies suggest that OA joint pain can actually turn centralized, and this means that pain pathways can become over-excited. Pain is amplified beyond what would be typical for the amount of damage found in the joints. 

Experts have time and again reminded that certain measures are undeniably helpful in pain management. Controlling the symptoms of this condition could be extremely helpful in enhancing sleep and overall quality of life.

There are many ways to manage pain in a natural way and these include consuming more inflammation-fighting foods. It is similarly vital to engage in physical activities as this can reduce pain and ward off obesity, which is a contributing factor of OA development and worsening.

Some natural remedies like glucosamine are also known to be substantially beneficial for pain management. Glucosamine is a popular subject of research as it is found effective in repairing joint cartilage damage.

Through its repairing benefits, it is able to reduce pain and other symptoms. Some experts even suggest that this natural remedy works in enhancing mobility in individuals with osteoarthritis. 

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