Milton GA Electrostatic Cleaning Thermal Screening Janitorial Services Launched

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( — June 9, 2020) — Milton, GA — Total Green Services have announced new janitorial services available to business clients across 19 states. With their exclusive use of Thermal Screening Technology and Electrostatic Sprayers they offer quality solutions in these difficult times.

Total Green Services, the Milton, Georgia-based ethical janitorial services company, has announced new cutting-edge cleaning services. They offer both essential and non-essential businesses a new level of cleaning efficiency during the current epidemic with two industry-changing products.

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Their Electrostatic Sprayer offers a new level of security by thoroughly cleaning all surfaces in the workplace. Thermal screening devices ensure a rapid and reliable screening system to maximize workplace safety for both staff and customers.

Total Green Services have been established for over 24 years and now operate unsurpassed business cleaning services tailored to their client’s individual needs across 19 states.

The company aims to provide an unmatched cleaning service through a personal cleaning program tailored to meet every business clients’ needs. They also have a philanthropic Nonprofit commitment to deliver a percentage of their profits to Refuse to Do Nothing, a Nonprofit Organization dedicated to providing clean drinking water, clothes, shoes, shelter and food globally to people in need.

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Total Green Services are the only US based janitorial cleaning company to have rights to Thermal Screening Technology. This cutting-edge technology can be vitally important to help businesses seeking to open or continue to operate in the current pandemic.

The secure and reliable technology can quickly identify anyone with a temperature to help stop the spread of infection and establish a new standard of health and safety.

The technology utilizes thermal energy to detect body temperatures. This is the most effective way to measure skin surface temperature to identify individuals that have an elevated body temperature.

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They also provide Electrostatic Sprayers, which offer an advanced method of sanitizing and decontaminating for work areas. The sprayers provide an electrically charged solution which envelopes all surfaces with disinfectant.

By using Electrostatic Sprayers, Total Green Solutions can guarantee to their clients that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, eliminating harmful toxins, germs and bacteria. The no-contact product creates a more efficient and effective clean in half the time with significantly less cleaning solution required.

Total Green Services offers a free consultation to allow businesses to ascertain how they can benefit from their philanthropic approach to janitorial services.

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