Scientists Warn Some Foods May Increase Your Risk of Alzheimer’s

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( — June 16, 2020) Orlando, FL — Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia continue to affect more and more people today. Health authorities have been strongly recommending some measures that could be helpful in fighting off this condition.

Worldwide, dementia happens to someone every 3 seconds. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, and it is described to be an irreversible degeneration of the brain. It produces disruptions in cognition, memory, personality, and other functions.

All of these undesirable changes could lead in complete brain failure to death. By 2050, it is projected that almost 14 million Americans over the age of 65 will live with the condition. Today, experts increasingly warn against certain foods and ingredients that are linked with the increased odds of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. 

In some studies, it has been found the common staples in the American diet are associated with the heightened risk of dementia. These are pasta, processed meats, breads, and cheeses that are linked with Alzheimer’s disease. 

Processed cheeses, which include American cheese, mozzarella sticks, Cheez Whiz and Laughing Cow are also found to be potential culprits. They have been found to trigger the buildup of proteins that are considered to be hallmarks of Alzheimer’s. 

There are many foods consumed by a lot of people on a daily basis that are found to be a contributing factor to the condition such as bacon, smoked turkey from the deli counter and ham as well as other processed meats. 

It is important to realize that smoked meats have nitrisamines, which trigger the liver to produce the kind of fats that are toxic to the brain. There are many other types of food found to wreak havoc on brain health. 

The good news is that today, scientists are increasingly investigating on the therapeutic goodness of natural remedies like lion’s mane. 

It is important to realize that there are various ways to help enhance and protect brain health. The use of lion’s mane is being investigated on by researchers due to the remarkable healing effects it offers. 

According to researchers, this natural remedy has two compounds that are called hericenones and erinacines, which stimulate brain cell growth. 

There have even been studies revealing that this natural remedy aids in decreasing symptoms or memory loss and preventing neuronal damage caused by amyloid-beta plaques. It is worth mentioning that these plaques accumulate in the brain during Alzheimer’s disease.

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